NFT Getty - NFT Marketplace
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NFT Getty: A Digital Asset Platform that Promotes Low Gas NFT Licensing, Minting, Buying, and Selling

NFT Getty, A Digital Asset marketplace which allows creators to monetize their work through licensing for non-commercial and commercial usage utilizing smart contracts on the blockchain Looks to be the first marketplace with the ability license NFTs. The platform allows access for content creators to channels which never been available for their work to get in front on Advertisers in diverse sectors. The mission of the creation of the platform is to offer a unique model in the digital markets which provide creators with opportunities to monetize their work at low cost.

Beta testing is open. Set up a free profile and try some features. · 9d ago

Hi, I went to check this out but I get a certificate/security error / warning on Chrome FYI. Hope it helps.

Have a great day!

kevingray · 7d ago

The platform is currently only on Testnet. That will be resolved when taken live. Thank you.