Kindly review my site
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I developed a church management application to help church congregations run professionally, and looking forward to some reviews. Application is yet to be launched live

beyondappearance · 25d ago

In my opinion, you should put a link on the Homepage, where the faithful can report the homeless in the area and also the people who are currently in economic difficulties. A link for used clothes for poor people and a link for new born from poor families. A link for used toys. · 25d ago

Thank you so much for the feedback. It was def things in the pipeline. We were considering adding the links and giving donating options to the site.

manojranaweera · 25d ago

Are you planning to open up to other religions once Christianity is conquered? · 25d ago

Hello, Thank you for your feedback. At the moment, we developed it for Christians. May consider others in future

dennisweishaar · 26d ago

Looks great, very clean! I would change the colors of the input fields for the contact form, or the color surrounding it. It's very hard to see those on my screen. · 25d ago

Thanks for the feedback, may I ask which device or browser you are using?

davidescobar · 26d ago

Overall well done! You definitely poured time into this. Just one thing after only skimming the page. Have you considered placing the "features" section before the "about us" section? I believe doing so could lead to better conversion. If you have enough traffic you could run A/B tests and see what works best. · 25d ago

Thank you so much for the feedback. Will look into switching the two