Best Landing Page Builder
Shared by atifali · 553d ago · 14 comments

What landing page builder do you use/like/recommend for relatively unique but easy to make web page to collect emails from potential users? And to validate the idea in the market?

DotDotJames · 547d ago

* if plan to go the distance -- best alt to webflow's massive learning curve
* alternatively squarespace decent -- skip wix or weebly -- there's ghost or wordpress if don't like SS
* versoly seems interesting -- not sure how good their email capture is though
* dorik and everypage seem interesting from other posts on thread · 547d ago

Versoly founder here :)

Very easy to collect emails, we also have a Zapier integration.

gabriel_paunescu · 548d ago

Here's how to build a landing page no matter what you choose:

The best guide anywhere! · 551d ago

I switched to Versoly from Wordpress and pretty happy so far (our website:
Versoly is also another player here on Pioneer :)

ctodunster · 553d ago

Found to be exciting.

lukebarwikowski · 548d ago

If you know how to code already, is amazing.

jamestitchener · 548d ago

It's a little more involved, but I think learning Webflow is a valuable skill to add to the toolkit.

vyoma · 550d ago

I really like Carrd on free and used the Pro plan for over a year! -

gaberagland · 551d ago

If you want something hosted I'm a big fan of If you want code you may like my tool

krishan711 · 552d ago

We're working on a new one at its different from all the others in that its declarative - there is no drag and drop you just declare your content and out pops a beautiful, performant page. We're still on boarding beta users, but so far they are really liking it.

If you'd like, me or my co-founder (and wife) are always around to go thru what you need - we have reviewed all landing page builders now and can give you an honest opinion of what you need if we hear your use case.

zach · 553d ago

Ours ( is on right now. Seems like it meets your needs.

Do you have to pay to not have unicornplatform as your domain?

gavinyue · 553d ago

My workflow:

1. Mock with figma
2. Find designer on fiverr for a design 30 dollars
3. Find someone convert to html
4. Add some form service, such as convertkit.

Aden · 534d ago

What about building using a pre-existing builder and then downloading the zip file as HTML? More or less efficient in terms of cost and ultimate UI?