From Pioneer to YC to TechCrunch: Roboflow raises $2.1M for its end-to-end computer vision platform
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Thanks for all your support over the past year, everyone. I can honestly say that being a part of the Pioneer community has made us better.

We've accomplished more in our first year than we ever thought possible and it's exciting to be surrounded by this incredible community of founders. Keep on shipping. · 63d ago

Wow, congrats

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shwetaverma · 78d ago

Wow! Congratulations!!

codemathics · 84d ago

Congratulations champ!

kumar_abhirup · 84d ago

Way to go guys! Great inspiration! I root for roboflow!

sonerhaci · 85d ago

Great work and also a great accomplishment. Congrats Roboflow team

Eric_Roseman · 85d ago

so incredible to see this!! Way to go guys! · 87d ago

omggg congratulations. This is inspiring

johnking · 88d ago

Congratulations! Great to hear Pioneers getting funded -- super inspirational and what an awesome product!!

Kryotech · 88d ago

Congratulations :)

jonathanholtby · 88d ago

Way to go!

manojranaweera · 88d ago

Well done Brad. Amazing enabler for the next phase. · 88d ago

great job guys :)

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Congrats guys!

tosh · 89d ago

kudos, onward! :) · 89d ago

Why not?!! Great job! Congratulations!

CryogenicPlanet · 90d ago

Congrats, can't wait to see roboflow do incredible things!

everettberry · 90d ago

Always rooting for CV companies. Congrats Brad.

kafkas · 90d ago

Congrats and good luck Brad&Team! Roboflow looks very promising!

kendsouza · 90d ago

Congratulations Brad! And good luck on the journey!

leandermaerkisch · 90d ago

Congrats! You serve us as an inspiring role model!

Atlas7 · 90d ago

Amazing, congratulations!!!! ️️️ ️️️ · 90d ago

Congratulations Team :) · 90d ago

This is amazing news @braddwyer, congrats

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Great JOB!!!

gandalf-016894 · 91d ago

Bravo !
Wonderfully awesome !

Can I ask the value of robotflow on this round ?
I think this is called "postvaluation".. · 91d ago

Big congrats Brad & roboflow team!

danielfergu · 91d ago

Congrats Brad and team!

dheerajpai · 91d ago

Congrats @braddwyer!