"First time founders focus on development, second time founders focus on distribution" What are your thoughts?
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I've seen this maxim a handful of times, and as a first-time founder, it makes me wonder whether I'm focusing too much on development.

For those who have founded more than once, has this idea rung true for you? What advice would current serial-founder you give past beginner-founder you? Is it really worth it to invest heavily in marketing/customer outreach early on?

Would love to hear the thoughts of anyone with more experience than me.

IdeaValidator.io · 197d ago

Avoid generic advice and statements when building your startup. Yes it’s true sometimes but building a startup is not binary. There are so many other considerations.

ptmn · 204d ago

Well it should be in that way.

* For frontier tech, you would not know how long it takes for enterprise sales or the right time for market adaption. AI, VR/AR, healthcare, & climate are the best examples.

* For consumers, if you don't work on distribution first, you might likely end up with building a product that no body use or need an expensive paid campaign to draw market attention. At the end of a day, you still have to calculate CAC and LTV or unit economy.

Venture capital is essentially oil to fuel growth (e.g. marketing)

The exception is crypto / NFT - I am personally not a trend follower for this category.

manojranaweera · 205d ago

I've been at this since 2004 with multiple failures and 2 exits.

The way I see this is - Problem > Solution > Competition > Positioning > You Product

You can only start to understand the above by speaking to your audience, aka users, potential customers of your product today, and the potential customers of your future product (based on your vision).

Without a product, you have nothing you can generate repeatable and scalable revenue from. Without potential customers, you are working on a fantasy.

Having said that, if you build it to solve a specific problem you have, then it's a matter of finding individuals like you.

So if I look at my three products:

1. https://deallite.uk - I want to get into raising investment for our companies https://techcelerate.ventures/members. In order to do this effectively, I need the data. That was my starting point.

2. https://skilledup.life - I'm a lifelong bootstrapper. I can only afford to pay for x number of employees until revenues justify. What if we can tap into the crowd?

3. https://progresshero.report - I am poor at reporting progress. So are others. But in this case, I turning around a dead product built by two other companies.

But in each of the above cases, there are plenty of others who have similar problems. Then it's a matter of building the products and dealing with the issues arising from such.

Hope the above does not confuse you too much. Good luck with your business.