Moving short distances is either comfortable but expens. and env-harmful or cheap and eco but opposite
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For several last months I have been thinking about moving around small areas and problem it raises.

As for me, I live in Poland. If we want to get from A to B within a large city like e.g. Warsaw we have to use either a car and stuck in traffic jams or public means of transport having numerous changes and also stuck among other vehicles trying to scramble through the city. On the other hand, if we have not large luggage, we can choose a bike or an electric scooter but this is neither elegant nor comfortable solution, especially when it rains.

It is even worse in small cities. There is neither so many public transport connections nor solutions like bikes or scooters to lend out, so if you have not a car, you need to use a bus, which runs only a few times a day.

Hence, we, along with my friend, are currently working on making moving short distances easier, cheaper, more green and comfortable. We create a vehicle, which is to be bigger and more comfortable than bikes, but smaller and for distances that are shorter than those that cars are intended to. Since we only know conditions on our native streets, I am curious how tough it is in your country to get from A to B when the distance is short. If you would like to check what we work on, take a look at

Disturber · 67d ago

I can give you a great suggestion. In most cases we rent electric scooters that we can leave after traveling but there is a problem what if I want to travel short distance with my mom or other person that is afraid of scooters? Or that second or third person is a kid? Your mini car version would solve it because it is much safer, only thing is that I can see there is only one seat, would be great if it has 2 or 4 seats in total. People would use it instead of electric scooters for traveling with their moms, dads and kids more safely. Also make sure that:
1. Seats is made of some kind of material that doesnt get cold easiely in winter.
2. Mini car have some kind of anti-theft,damage alarm system.
3. Strong materials capable of withstanding shocks(your tires look weak) (there is many bad/drunk citizen who will try to damage your device at night).

stefanschuchlenz · 70d ago

At first I thought "WTF?" when I saw this on your site but honestly, I like the idea and I think adding in convenience stuff (music player, trunk, RFID "key") really adds to the value.

There are some points that come to mind though:

* basically in the cold season it becomes a sitting duck and you need to park it out in the open (which means risk for damage or theft)
* weather is also a thing not only from above (where you have the canopy) but from below when water splashes up - or does the body of the vehicle guard the driver from that?
* what's the maximum reach and how do I charge it (regular power cable?) and for how long when empty?

Good luck with your product, would like to see it out in the open once :)