Pioneer Community Discussion - What articles or videos have been most influential?
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The act of building is one thing; the act of starting up a startup is another, much taller order. For those who want to go that route or already have, what articles, threads or videos are particularly inspiring or helpful?

What are your shareable resources of inspiration? And if none, what other factors in life served as original inertial impact to get going?

ptmn · 364d ago

Two minute video:
* Being an entrepreneur, founders or members of founding team is not a job;
* The curriculum that really matches to this journey is more similar to art school than an engineering school;
* Here you will find the business canvas - stick to this if you want to survive the startup "game".

ashwwwin · 365d ago

Hackers & Painters

I've gone on Paul Graham's blog and ignored the H&P section for a very long time. Last year, I stumbled upon Hackers and Painters as an essay, and I could just feel every word in my bones - it was everything I didn't know I was looking for. PG shows you how to think and who else would you rather learn how to think from than the master himself?

Sometimes, it's not about what book but, when you read the book. It almost feels like the book finds you.

I was extremely hesitant to start, this book made me want to start. Looking back not starting this journey feels like the scariest thing I could have done.

NFT-gal · 363d ago

Awesome. I haven't read it yet myself. How would you rank the essay vs the book? Do you think it's worth getting the book or does the essay suffice?

ashwwwin · 363d ago

Personally, I don't think there's any harm with getting the book, and checking out if it's for you. If you like it, it will change your outlook on life - if you don't, you're out ~$15. So yes, I definitely think it's worth it if you liked the essay.

NFT-gal · 363d ago

Makes sense, may give it a go. What did the book offer that the essay didn't? What did you learn in one that wasn't available in the other?

ashwwwin · 363d ago

Not to be rude but, it's a personal experience :)

Sandy-ONeill · 366d ago

Books, for me, do the trick. More so than videos or articles.

My all-time favorite is Shoe Dog, Phil Knight + Nike story.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 350d ago

Steve Jobs on "Bicycle for the Mind", seen in this interview

Apple's high-quality (paper) magazine for education users was called "Wheels for the Mind".

That wonder, creativity and, above-all, ability to amplify us is what drives me with Touchgram.

brandon · 352d ago

Codex! :)

mkaic · 363d ago

[Not necessarily related directly to being an entrepreneur, just things that inspire me regularly.]

Two Minute Papers on YouTube:

If you ever want to get yourself hyped about working in tech in the modern day, watch a couple of Karoly's videos. His coverage of modern AI and simulation research is excellent, engaging, and never ceases to inspire me to keep working on building my own projects.

Other than that, in general, I just find it highly motivating to watch people who are absolute masters of their craft performing at their peak. Might not be interesting to those who aren't big into movie visual effects, but I'm always inspired when I watch the work of CGI artist and indie filmmaker Ian Hubert, who basically runs an entire Hollywood operation from his home and wears many different hats in the process:

McKayla-Berry · 362d ago

Hadn't seen 2-minute papers before. Nice. Love his tone / style.

oras · 366d ago

The famous tweet storm from Naval

"You’re not going to get rich renting out your time. You must own equity - a piece of a business - to gain your financial freedom."

manojranaweera · 366d ago

I just added a video of Arnie to our home page No idea what our community might think of. No one has complained yet. Wanna be the first?

kendsouza · 366d ago

Just like seeking productivity with productivity tools, seeking inspiration from sources other than yourself is a futile effort.
It will give you a little bit of adrenalin rush when you read that article , twitter thread or book or view that video. But that was the creation of someone else. The feeling will last for so long and then you are back to the prior state you were in. I guess it is good to admire and like someone's creation. But unless you are chasing a similar creation, seeking inspiration from it is a wasted effort.

Always inspire yourself with what you are and what you have in the moment. My kids, my wife and of course my little maltese dog. When I see her sleeping without a care in the world, she inspires me to sleep like a dog and I do it:)

ashwwwin · 365d ago

Inspiration comes and goes but, what you do when you are under the influence of inspiration can change everything, only if you let it :)

kendsouza · 365d ago

Sure,if something lets you set the wheels in motion..that's fine. Whether you start on your own or you wait for a 'inspiring moment'..remember it is always you who will be changing everything about you and anything you do. The point was..if you keep on jumping from one 'inspiration video, self help book, twitter feed' will always be back to square one eventually.

You don't want to be Paul Graham or Paul Graham's want to be Ashwin Deepak:)

ashwwwin · 364d ago

I grew up watching self help/motivational videos. I eventually became immune to them.

My guess would be you've had a similar experience, how else would you know this?

I respectfully disagree that you will always end up at square one. I didn't and my guess is that you didn't either.

What I speak about is inspiration mixed with action. Not just inspiration.

That's a bold statement implying that I'm not myself - and not an okay one either.

Let's end this here, have a good day.

kendsouza · 364d ago

You misread what I was trying to say and it is not personal..

You are always your self and you are always okay. Nothing can change that. The problem with all these so called 'inspirational' things is that they make you feel that you are not your self or inadequate or not okay or not successful and there needs to be a better version of yourself.

What I meant by 'square one' was ...if you masquerade yourself with other people's opinions..eventually you will always come back to your self. It is always about dealing with your self instead of hiding from it.

And you are right about the action part. Just do the action without ever being worried about the outcome.

That's it!. Think about that and have a good one!

ashwwwin · 364d ago

I agree with everything you say except the outcome bit. The question however, is what has been the most influential to you in making the leap to start a startup not what is wrong with the concept of self help.

What made you start a startup?

kendsouza · 364d ago

Because I love what I do and I could.