[Job] StartUp Program Manager in Atlanta
Shared by dominik · 304d ago · 4 comments

I hope this post doesn’t break any rules… Interesting job opportunity. We are in their program in Europe, they are very responsive, elastic and helpful.

manojranaweera · 304d ago

Sorry to go on a tangent here,

Dominik, had a look at Teamsharq.com. Are you selling hardware, software or courses?

I also see https://teamsharq.com/teamsharq-spring-boot.html which suggests you are doing all three. We are currently in the process of partnering with education providers for https://skilledup.life hence taking a quick look.

dominik · 303d ago

What we do is a cohort-based courses platform for software-based trainings. :) For now we are focusing on Enterprise customers to whom we are selling our platform as a cloud, multitenancy solution for their internal trainings, but we also plan to make our platform available as a B2C marketplace for individual experts. Similar to Maven.com, but for software-based courses (from IT to radiology, etc.).

Those courses on our landing page are organized by indivuals, not by us (we are testing B2C functionalities that way).:)

manojranaweera · 302d ago

ah ok. Best to focus on enterprise customers without B2C. B2C would be a drain on your resources. Just my 2 pence of wisdom.

dominik · 302d ago

Sure, we won’t give up Enterprises. However, now we are focusing on the entire organization, where onboarding is a long process and prefer to be more team-centric. So I guess we will be more like a B2C2B platform in the future.