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Shared by Chichi_Arinze · 13d ago · 5 comments

Hello everyone,
I am new to this platform and just learning how to navigate it but this seems like what I definitely need.

I have an automobile startup that has been operating solely on social media. We currently see a profit of over 1.2m naira ($2912) monthly. We are trying to move from social media to our website which was built on wordpress.

I have had cold feet when it comes to launching but now I am pushing and trying to launch Dec 1st.

Please checkout the website and tell me what you think.


fahmifromCloodot · 7d ago

The website seems to be clean and I like the design. if you can simplify the elevator pitch like "we simply the Car rentals and purchase with affordable price for you" and also you can add more call to action buttons in the middle and bottom areas of the website.
We are helping automotive dealers in their customer experience. is an All-in-one customer interaction & review management software for multi-location businesses

Chichi_Arinze · 7d ago

Thank you for your observations. I will work on the pitch.

bukunmi · 13d ago

It looks like your website is very slow to load. Have you considered optimizing the loading speed? Overall, the design is a good fit for the purpose.

One more thing, how will you transfer your users from the social media to the website? You have to be careful to not lose your users. I would suggest: optimize for website speed and refer customers to purchase a product by giving them a direct link to your product already negotiated (not the landing page URL) unless you haven't negotiate and just wanted to let the website build your credibility with first time prospects.

Chichi_Arinze · 11d ago

Thanks for checking it out. yes it was built on wordpress. I will ask the developer if there is a way to optimize the loading speed.

You are also very apt with the advice of sharing links so clients can book from there. That is what we are currently doing.

bukunmi · 9d ago

That's great, glad you found it useful. By the way, I am working on PayJa, you could leverage it for your fundraising, I will support you.

Please do signup and start a fundraiser for free: