Post your landing page and let others describe what your company does!
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Does your landing page describe your project well?

Visit someone else's landing page for 10 seconds, then come back and tell them what you think their product does.
Link to your own landing page, but don't say anything about it.

P.S. I saw this on a different forum and wanted to try this with Pioneer folks.

Plutoview · 722d ago · 722d ago

Local internet mesh for multiple users.

meyer9 · 722d ago

Multiplayer internet browser

Celtic_Whispers · 722d ago
spencerbolanos · 684d ago

The of Dungeons & Dragons? · 722d ago
manojranaweera · 604d ago

Share videos easily on messaging apps

startupdir · 723d ago · 722d ago

startup related blog search engine

startupdir · 722d ago

Yes, all startup related high quality curated content. · 723d ago

Start up / entrepreneurship posts search engine?

startupdir · 722d ago

Yes and curated :) · 723d ago

Check us out · 722d ago

payment app · 723d ago

Easy payment in Africa.

joannecooper · 655d ago · 644d ago

Software to provide digital accompaniment for a musician

pavelegorkin · 706d ago
manojranaweera · 604d ago

Market place for writings · 709d ago
pavelegorkin · 706d ago

360 video tours from locals.

I love your product!

saeedburki · 714d ago

abcxyz · 715d ago

What do you think?

Tapway-300678 · 717d ago
spencerbolanos · 684d ago

Last mile delivery for SMBs

Rob · 719d ago
manojranaweera · 604d ago

Metrics for market places

manojranaweera · 604d ago

Actually I am building one at too early to pay for services mind you

DotDotJames · 719d ago, a topic search and site QA platform

josephofiowa · 721d ago · 721d ago

Handling, saving and versioning datasets for client AI

Totibill-2019 · 721d ago
josephofiowa · 721d ago

Identify where to volunteer to teach English in Africa · 722d ago · 720d ago

Digital reward/loyalty cards for businesses · 722d ago
josephofiowa · 721d ago

Receive alerts based on financial market movements

lucasmilotich · 722d ago · 722d ago

local based social network · 722d ago · 722d ago

trigger-based robo investing · 722d ago
Virtual Meeting Summary · 722d ago

zoom alternative. but i didn't understand the key value. How are you better than the existing solution. · 721d ago

Thanks for comment. we dont do video conferencing part, but we focus to integrate with zoom to provide a summary from zoom meetings. so key points could be captured by words and provided to participants after the meeting finished.

albertosada · 722d ago
josephofiowa · 721d ago

Restaurant order management SaaS · 722d ago

Check out · 722d ago

The List Space is a place for curators/tastemakers/anyone to make lists and then share it easily with anyone.
We are looking towards making it a place where you will find curations on anything that interests you.
Works on desktop only!

harfoush · 722d ago · 722d ago + for Egypt (is EGP the currency in Egypt? but then the website is in English and pricing is in U$D so I am not sure)

harfoush · 721d ago

That's definitely it! It is not exclusively available for Egypt, though, you made me realize that using a non-universal currency may cause this kind of confusion. Thanks!

Osita · 722d ago · 722d ago - This has been a very challenging journey for me so far.

Also testing our first lead magnet to explain our core feature with this Landing Page: · 723d ago

Let's hear it: · 723d ago · 723d ago

More efficient last mile/short distance delivery of goods.

sacha · 723d ago

Hope it's obvious :) · 723d ago

Voice conversion. Soundboards 2.0. What I didn't take away easily is if it will work on my remote calls (zoom/etc).

sacha · 722d ago

Got it — thanks for the feedback (P.S. no it will not, given the 5-10sec currently latency) · 723d ago · 723d ago

Delivery for local markets. · 723d ago
(It's still in development but thanks for any thoughts and feedback!) · 723d ago

Ice cream for the health-conscious.

jornie · 723d ago

What do you think of · 723d ago

Cheap bitcoin transfer.

sunim · 723d ago

Check us out: · 723d ago

Find the right university. · 723d ago

Heya, would love to know what you think:

yogmehta · 723d ago

Website testing to identify bugs · 681d ago

That sounds right! :) Thank you · 724d ago

So what do you think of

@jhlyeung · 723d ago

A streamlined reading app that combines multiple feed. Getting a Flipboard + Pocket vibe.
Hope that helped · 723d ago

It lets me collect, curate, and read online articles.

Ric · 723d ago

Like pinboard?