Help! Need your Feedback on my Product!
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I am looking for your feedback on company which i am building.
I am building AdTech platform to bridge outdoor advertising with online,
My company is Murmur, is a new way for brands to connect with their audience in the real world. Using smart car-top billboards, they can see instantly who is looking at their ads and engage directly with them on the spot, collecting data seamlessly in real-time from viewers allows brand to create retargeting online ads dynamically.
Web site is
I am looking for marketers to partner , and who can become our resellers.
Need your feedback on my company and how to attract marketers who can become our ambassadors.
Thank you

Sal · 6d ago

Hey! Lots of thoughts on this.

Have you done any successful trials of the product? What does it look like? I didn't get a sense from looking at your landing page. Feels like this is a fundamentally new product, so outlining how it works and why it's safe would be great.

Re your response to Manjoranaweera's question – "Because what we are doing is all publicly available information" – where is this information? As far as I know, billboards don't track info. I can see them potentially tracking in aggregate, but definitely not on the individual. That's my assumption, anyway. Could be wrong.

Structurally, I don't get how this is an attractive offer for a company. Why would someone use a billboard, which is meant to attract many passing eyes at once, to appeal to an individual? It would make more sense for you to be a company that gathers data in aggregate on the type of person who sees a billboard sign, then to sell ad space to companies for whom that customer segment makes sense.

Also, your landing page is hard to understand. Use simpler words. People will leave a page immediately if they don't get it in a second. Would prefer it to read something like "Smart Billboards" // "We use computer vision to personalize ads to people passing by."

Good luck!

manojranaweera · 13d ago

Lots of privacy issues if you capture images of those looking at adverts. Good luck. · 13d ago

Can you give me link to read about privacy? Because what we are doing it is all publicly available information

manojranaweera · 13d ago

Sorry. You would have to Google.

manojranaweera · 13d ago

Better still, speak to a lawyer! · 12d ago

Thank you for your feedback. Because already consulted with lawyer and he did not tell that there are any issues. Probably it depends on city and states as well.