's progress update - August 23rd, 2020
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What are you building, in a sentence?

content. to get you inspired and start your own crisis-prepared-living, we moved from the city to the country side. fix your life today!

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

41th week
one good image for this week progress. with as many words as appropriate.

the image is up and running on the website. ^_^

now, forget those "update" questions...

if you want to see something different, look at our previous updates. and at the projects from people commenting.

forget the contest. focus on the people. cool down and relax!

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

42nd week

tell me: how have your life changed after covid19? if nothing significant, how come? do you realize this is a unique critical mass world event in a lifetime?

below you can find the link to expand on your own answer, using frontier.

What would you like feedback on from the community?

surprise us!

Project website · 462d ago

Understand exactly what you are trying to do but had to dig around your website for a bit to grasp it entirely. Love the idea of creating remote communities in the WFH age. If your goal is to get strangers to join these, however, I would very much recommend posting profiles/making it super clear that there are cool, nice people behind all this! · 462d ago

thanks for the detailed feedback! ʘ‿ʘ

what's wfh age?

we definitely don't want strangers to join. just visit. everyone is welcome to visit! no appointment needed.

we do want to slowly make friends. and then, after a long while, if there's enough sinergy, there's plenty of space for new joiners!

this was a good reflection, i'll have to update the paradise page now... ^_^

ps: interesting proposition on sharing subscriptions... curious to see more about it! · 462d ago

Seeing more and more of these types of endeavors, which is great! I was a little confused by the Pioneer landing page though. However, it became much more clear what you were building once I hit the actual home page. The extra Pioneer content may be unnecessary. · 462d ago

thanks a lot for this! i'll trim it down...

can you link to some (or all) similarb endeavors you're seeing? (•‿•)

ps: i'm not so sure about the long term benefits of "hiring" solutions. just like dating... for sure some people can benefit from it, but isn't it just by chance alone?! (◕દ◕) · 462d ago

so, i just tried to trim it down... but without it, we used to get a lot of redundant feedback which were just unnecessary, while with it the feedback that comes through is usually so much better!

i ended up making it bigger! but also with clearer sections and easier to read over, hopefully.

even if people just skip to the homepage, at least they'll be aware there's more to it, and they can come back if needed.

thanks again! :-* · 456d ago

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for more transparency (and work from my side) i'll start to also post here the score summary, which i only get on email on its most complete form.

if anyone else feels the need, drop a word and i can do it in retrospect too, but the summary from the top of my mind for this year at least is there are usually 6 votes total of which at most 3 are upvotes in any given week. · 462d ago

Not much to share since my feedback in this regard seems inconsequential. · 462d ago

inconsequential? · 462d ago · 462d ago

\(^o^)/ · 462d ago

Good work. Keep it up · 462d ago


ps: is throwing 502 bad gateway