Bundles / Subcriptions
Shared by kwakutabiri · 335d ago · 7 comments

Hello guys. I'm seeking a bit of advice around a new monetization methodology I'm about to experiment with.
As you probably know we run a delivery service, we're looking to offer either :

1. Bundled deals: A fixed price volume deal with no time limits, that can be purchased and used anytime. (probably limited to 2y ears

2. Subscriptions: Monthly volume deals with fixed costs as well, but slightly less costs than bundled deals, but expire every month

Do you have some experience with dealing with such things? What would you advise?

jerico · 335d ago

Love a bundle!

kwakutabiri · 335d ago

Thank you for the vote.

sole-fields · 335d ago

What problem are you trying to solve by offering these deals? Also, can't access your site for some reason...

kwakutabiri · 335d ago

I can't find the issue with the website, it loads on my side, although it keeps weirdly adding www. as a prefix

kwakutabiri · 335d ago

The goal is to increase retention, create a reliable customer base (double marketplaces are quite sporadic) and hopefully increase revenue.

braddwyer · 334d ago

The book "Monetizing Innovation" has a great distillation of how to think about bundling to segment users and maximize revenue.

kendsouza · 335d ago

Not sure I understood this fully, but I will take a stab at it:)
Bundling occurs when different services are packaged for 1 fixed price. e.g telcommunications services like phone, internet, cable, wireless etc. are bundled for one fixed price from companies like Verizon, Comcast, AT&T etc
It seems like you have one service but want to provide the option of a long time expiry (higher charge) or month to month expiry(lower charge)

Anyway.. however you want to do it, you can go with a subscription billing platform with one time/non-recurring charge for your long term expiry deals or a subscription charge set to recur monthly for the lower charged monthly deals.