I can try your product front of you in a call
Shared by Lankinen.xyz · 558d ago · 2 comments

I think it’s really important to see a few people trying the product front of you because that way you might find that some things aren’t obvious. But it’s really hard to find these people. That is why I propose that anyone with a tech product that can be tested online to have a call with me where we both let each other test our product for 15 min.

Email me to elias@lankinen.xyz and give a few time options (this week if possible as the next week is not good for me) and I will pick the best or give other times that work for me. Hopefully this way we can help each other :)

nino · 556d ago

This is a great idea! We revolved much of our UX revamp around exactly this type of 15-30 min user tests and it's been a HUGE success so far!

If video chats aren't your thing, hotjar.com does a pretty good job of automating this process for visitors to you site. Fair warning though, it's a great tool but not nearly as effective as face-to-face chats!

Lankinen.xyz · 555d ago

Would you be intersted of doing this with me? I don't think it's just UX but you can also interview the other person. I tried this with one person yesterday and felt like i learned a lot because I got someone who had time to answer my questions and try the product.