Upload The Real World – Making the experience of sharing more fun and connected!
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The goal of this project is “to make the experience of working on the web more fun for the billions staying at home.”

How do we achieve the goal of making the web “more fun”?

We are gamifying the process of sharing the real world thru blogging and vlogging, into a way that allows us to grow together, but as individuals.

We gamify the process by using a point and badge system for the following:

Daily blog post.
Daily YouTube upload.
Daily reading.
Daily audio.
Daily events.
Daily masterminding.
Daily marketing.

We start with giving you a free blog, enabling you a foundation to “upload the real world”.

Your blog will be example.uploadtherealworld.com

We then add in social networking features: a global activity stream, groups, direct messages, etc.

Our point and badge system enables you to achieve goals and celebrate milestones, while also tracking your personal progress with others that are also working to “upload the real world” to the internet.

We then build upon all of that with free "how-to" training tutorials and resources, as well as weekly and monthly challenges to help you learn and grow.

Anthony Bassett

miguelrochefort · 854d ago

Well, this definitely fits the theme! How do you differentiate from existing social networks?

ender-043304 · 854d ago

Existing social networks are great and part of the marketing/sharing behind the concept, but this is focused specifically on being a way to stay accountable on the activities needed to actually create content rather than simply sharing other people’s content. I decided to do it based on my own problem of wanting to do all of these things, but having no tracking of it.

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Brickenator · 854d ago

Interesting stuff!

nell-182215 · 854d ago

Interesting concept. Would definitely love to see more.

CamiloMorales · 854d ago

Hello ! Do you have a video we can see?

ender-043304 · 854d ago

Unfortunately no, I didn’t make the progress that I had hoped due to some unexpected circumstances last night, but am going to be continuing the project outside of the hackathon over the coming days. Thank you for the interest.