Help me think of use cases for my product
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Hey Frontier!

I'm the founder of, which allows you show any site at your custom domain.

So for instance you can show at It's more than a redirect - it permanently shows whichever site you want at your domain.

You can also add any custom JS or CSS on top of the public site, so you could rebrand the Google Form to make it look nicer etc.

I'm trying to figure out how to market Cloakist and would love your thoughts on use cases - specifically:

- Which sites you/other people might use this for?*

- What kind of modifications on top - using custom JS and CSS - I should offer? e.g. live chat

*One thing to note - it's trickier, but not impossible, for me to make Cloakist work for sites that require log in.


For background, at the moment, these are our main use cases:

- Adobe Spark (customer example:
- Substack + change Substack branding (customer example:
- Roam Research (customer example:
- ClickUp (customer example:
- Airtable
- Confluence
- Trello
- Not Notion - have got that covered!

zachtaapken · 629d ago

Hey Louis. Spent time selling and promoting products. Identifying use-cases and evangelizing is a good way to find customers but a better way is to get your product is the hands of influences, let them promote, and as you onboard new customers, you can identify new use-cases has they roll in and then promote.

An example would be to reach out to those who have large substack communities, let them find the value, share with others, and the growth will be organic. · 629d ago

That's a pretty good idea. I'm going to look into it! My worry is that I'll spend too much time trying to find influencers and then convince them to try my product.

zachtaapken · 629d ago

You shouldn't worry, you have a concept that's pretty easy to grasp, you'll find out quickly from those folks if it's something that they are interested in. You can also build a generous referral program like one month free for every customer referral. Check out they do referrals really well, tapping into your gmail contacts.

zachtaapken · 629d ago

Also, you should look into they turn your MRR into ARR so your customers can pay monthly and you don't have to discount

zachtaapken · 629d ago

If you want I'd be happy to discuss some of this with you briefly on zoom no strings attached.

manojranaweera · 631d ago

Nice idea Louis. Good to discover you are from the UK as well. Keep up the good work. Not one for me, but I'll share with All the best. · 631d ago

Thanks very much! Really appreciate you sharing.

mayurc137 · 631d ago

My only concern is how will people use it ethically? Any easy solution would be to whitelist domains that can be cloaked for now. Other than that, your value proposition is very clear! · 631d ago

Thanks for raising this important point. At the moment I manually set up every single custom domain, and so far I've rejected one person who seemed to want to use Cloakist for phishing. And in the future, I think a whitelist will be a really good idea.

Blake · 632d ago

What about a resource page where you have multiple websites open but they function like a header or like tabs but the benefit is you can actually see them for quicker multitasking - switching on tabs, if you have a lot, I find is slowed down by, um, having to read the tab. Even if there is an icon, that's still not as good as the website itself. This seems like embedding on steroids. · 631d ago

This is really, really interesting. Sounds like it could be a kind of in-browser version of Station: It also reminds me of someone else suggesting that I could try to build a dashboard-style product. Thanks a lot for this idea! · 632d ago

Hi Louis,
We've used Typeform a lot in the past and then chose to embed the forms on our site to get the custom domain.
Hope that helps! · 631d ago

Elias, this is really helpful, thanks. I'm aware that people embed Typeform because they don't support custom domains - does this work well for you? Are there any limitations with iframing that you've noticed? · 631d ago

I think you're right on the money with your value prop: The main thing we wanted to solve was just to get the custom domain. If that was a part of Typeform already, we wouldn't have embedded the form in many cases. Embedding on our website works fine, but it's a bit of annoying work and usually we actually prefer to have Typeform's interface be the whole window, not having our own header or footer, but instead just focus on getting people through the form. Not really any limitations, just annoying work to get it to work on our own site. So to have a quicker way to do it is definitely interesting! :)

sidgarimella · 625d ago

This is interesting! I wonder if you could collect data on if this has a measurable effect on SEO for brand domains, and map that to boosts in traffic or revenue for customers/publications. · 625d ago

In theory our system means that someone can set up e.g. their Substack much better for SEO - put it at their own domain, change metatags to whatever they want, customise robots.txt. But we haven't got to tons of SEO-tweaking yet with our current customers.