Short Links & Grouped Tabs for Chrome
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Project Description:
We're helping people manage their long URLs and important links on Chrome through a Chrome extension that allows users to set "shortcuts" and open multiple relevant tabs with just one command.

Team Members:
Akshaya Dinesh
Andrew Tan

Git repo:

ender-004958 · 854d ago

i have clicked atleast a 1000 times opening up tabs! thank you for this!

nell-182215 · 854d ago

Would love to see a demo · 854d ago


dumbledore-450151 · 854d ago

Sounds Interesting. Definitely this thing will be very useful to me. · 854d ago

Woot, nice Omnibox usage: love "to" links instead of "go" links, and I like the idea of tabsets, not just individual URLs, for a single to-link.