Short domain names surprisingly cheap
Shared by AndyDent-Touchgram · 15d ago · 2 comments

I got an offer recently on a now-unused 4-letter domain name of mine and decided to go search names <=4 letters in GoDaddy's auction site.

I was really surprised how cheap many 2 and 3 letter .com domains still are (many under USD $5K). Maybe this is a side-effect of the boom on top-level domains.

It occurred to me that some folk here may be interested as, like me, they probably assumed ultra-short names are sky-high pricing.

jb · 14d ago

I took a peek at them. Are they good for Startup naming? I don't know, maybe somebody will find them useful but I don't. Having the characteristics of short symbols does not make it a good domain name for the project. However it still all depends on the nature of Startup and the people behind of it. Regarding their price obviously I am not in the position of affording them, however I wouldn't get them for free either.

Startups these days are coming up/associating with bizarre names like Goat, Popsicle/Popsql, Milk, Supernova for their projects which I find quite amusing. And some are getting creative by adding prefixes like go, get, use, join, try, my, up, hq and etc. Jesus Christ the Goats are maybe an agile creatures but they are hell lot of an assholes and unreliable in the spirit. Popsicle is so sweet, the milk is so soft/benevolent on the surface, and the Supernova is too much of a hallmarkish. :) haha

However the most novel startup name/domain name I came across lately is That's a very neat name and talks to/aligns well with the spirit of their project.

The post was about the short domain names but I ended up talking something else one aspect of it (Are they good fit for Startup naming?). Sorry for my vice/unsolicited comments people, but I still wanted to leave these thoughts.

hugomontenegro · 14d ago

I took a look at it; to me they seem way too expensive (even complete garbage domains).

Honestly if you need a good domain, just use a domain generator. There's tons of possibilities, and domains are much less scarce than you think if you're just a little bit creative.