How many Pioneers exited so far?
Shared by inbalshenfeld · 276d ago · 11 comments

Asking for a friend :-)

kendsouza · 275d ago

Yep..I would like to know too.
Also it would be interesting to know if any Pioneers have reached a million in ARR..if not how about atleast 100k.
I know there have been posts of folks who have raised money.
How has that worked out? Got to new heights or just burnt through it.

oras · 275d ago

I would also like to ask: What is the average number of newly selected pioneers per month?

inbalshenfeld · 275d ago

interesting. · 274d ago

When you say exited do you mean IPO/acquisition or left the competition?

inbalshenfeld · 274d ago

Sold. Ipo is long and pioneer is yung

braddwyer · 275d ago

Why would you want to exit?

manojranaweera · 275d ago

Nothing lasts forever Brad!

inbalshenfeld · 274d ago

I think its nice if you can either grow your company faster or make a $#&t lode of money and start something new in a year or so

braddwyer · 274d ago

If there's something different you want to be working on in a year, why wait?

FWIW, I tried doing the "4 hour workweek" thing and traveling the world; I got bored. My advice: think about what you'd do if you had a bunch of money/freedom and "retired" then try to figure out how to just do that now.

inbalshenfeld · 274d ago

There isn't any yet. But would be easier if I had one exit under my belt

kendsouza · 274d ago

Wish lists are a waste of time. As Brad said above..if you want something, get it now. Just focus on the now!