Grouper: Making Online Social Events Better
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Problem Statement: Virtual gatherings allow for no individual control over who you interact with. This leaves users trapped in a massive group chat or breakout rooms controlled only by the event administrator.

Solution: Grouper seeks to enable you to have control over who you interact with and when. Control a virtual avatar that moves around a common space. When you move within a certain proximity of other users, a new Google Hangout is generated for everyone in the area to form a conversation group.

We see this application being very useful for online events such as parties, conferences and other social occasions. We make personal video calls easy, inspired by the way people socialize in real life.

Team Members:
Alexander Bricken
Trenton Bricken

MVP Git Repo:

Landing Page Git Repo:

azlenelza · 898d ago

Nice! similar concept to my own project, it's really nice to see spatial environments being explored for online hangouts. There's so much potential here waiting to be unlocked!

sethguy · 898d ago

i love group chats but sometimes i feel like i have to fight to say anything, or for anyone to hear me. this looks like it could help

ninamaria · 898d ago

This is fanastic! I think this could really take off

valm · 898d ago

Nice solution to use google hangouts!

Brickenator · 898d ago

Thanks man!

gabrielenvienta · 898d ago

cool idea

hermione-768476 · 898d ago

This looks like a really cool idea! I would love to try it out.

nathanganser · 898d ago

Love it! Sad that we can't try it out! Would have been super fun!

trentonbricken · 898d ago

Wish it was running on a server rather than just locally too! We didn't think backend would not be able to handle all of the traffic though in its current MVP state!

kamesstory · 898d ago

Awesome work - I love social spaces, and this seems like a really low-cost, low-barrier-to-entry space that can be super appealing, especially once people can do some more customization!

trentonbricken · 898d ago

Thanks! We would love to enable people to upload their own avatar and for the virtual environment to be more interesting.

rahulgs · 898d ago

this is cool! brings back the serendipity in making friendships

Brickenator · 898d ago

Thanks so much!

yunyu · 898d ago

Incorporating the concept of distance into video conferencing is a very interesting take. Great job!

Brickenator · 898d ago


trentonbricken · 898d ago

Thanks ninamaria! It has been fun to work on with my bro!

ender-043304 · 898d ago

This is a very interesting concept to me and it looks like many others agree. Anything adding to group chats is important given our distance and I think this is definitely moving in the direction of helping the online world to be more like the real world.

lazycoder · 898d ago

This is awesome , we are making an app which will bring people to meeting rooms and insight conversations. Maybe we can colab !

spock-961363 · 898d ago

I'd use that!

Brickenator · 898d ago

Didn't quite manage to get it deployed esp. with high levels of traffic but feel free to check out the landing page/video!