[Thursday April 22 @ 1:30pm PT] Get live feedback from Pioneer
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We're hosting another player feedback session! Our founder Daniel will publicly answer questions and give feedback to projects in the Pioneer Tournament.

Post your questions below by Tuesday 4/20! We'll select 10 or so to cover during the event. Questions can be general (e.g. What are the most important qualities in a first hire? When should you worry about competitors?) or specific to your project (e.g. Should I be thinking about monetization? Do I have the right KPIs?).

Feel free to include links to screenshots, demos, decks, etc.

Check out the last one here.

moritzwallawitsch · 476d ago


Gabi · 478d ago

Thanks :)

danielfergu · 480d ago

Hi Daniel and team, would love to get some feedback on my landing page and on the idea in general. My website is SpokenQuiz.com.
I am building a tool for teachers: Video quizzes for homework and exams. This is gamification for students and automation for teachers.
So far this has mostly resonated with language teachers and special education teachers, what do you think of my current messaging and approach? Thanks!

georgelamptey · 481d ago

Hey Daniel,

OyaPAY is a digital wallet payment platform. We enable fast and secure cross-border payments, with or without a bank account across Africa.

Met most of our KPIs.
Some inventors poached us and it's all about venue venue!

Should we be looking at revenues now?


ashwinkumar · 481d ago

Hey Daniel,

Recently pivoted from a web-based CMS to now building a VS code extension. Any feedback on the LP or the feature set is welcome: https://aitowrite.com.

Thanks a lot!

MeetBit · 482d ago

Hi! We're Meetbit(https://meetbitbit.io), a scheduling assistant that schedules the perfect meeting time for your team.

We're currently working on external scheduling and are trying to figure out a different UX from what Hubspot, Calendly and everyone else does it. Can you take a look at this quick prototype we have and provide feedback? Figma Prototype: https://bit.ly/2RLUl5k (PS the buttons or clicks don't work)

Our goal here is to provide a more personal and experience for those who receive the links. So in the email, senders can insert snippets like this: "Would you be available either on Saturday, 8-9AM, Saturday 9-10AM or Saturday 10-11AM? If not, please tell when you're free here.

Clicking a time will open the link just with a pre-selected timeslot.

Thanks a bunch and would love to have you guys join our private beta if you're interested. Thank you!

alessandrosolbiati · 482d ago

Hey Daniel how do you go to market with a hard tech/moon shot startup?

We are building solar-powered self driving boats that can cross oceans (https://theselfdrivingboat.com), is a cool technology and there is a ton of potential business applications but we are having a hard time figuring out what's is the best one to start with.

Some examples we heard from people: ocean data collection (predict weather better, make bigger ships save fuel), maritime surveillance (anduril for water), shipping (lower operational costs) and others. Should we go Breadth First Search or Depth First Search in finding what product to build with this technology?

btw we are currently top 25 world-wide in the tournament and we are working hard to win!

Alessandro (https://twitter.com/lessand_ro) and Oana (https://twitter.com/0xflores)

alexsimoes-2 · 482d ago

Feedback on our recently completed pitch deck. We're are in the beginning stages of raising a round.


Hudson · 482d ago

My team and I are planning to get feedback from the users by sending them this video with some updates. We just did the design for the moment, no coding yet.
Please give us some feedback on our future app pages (can you guess what our app do? what do you think about the app pages?): https://www.loom.com/share/5a886cc4f0544e53a2ec94dd7c025062
Thank you!

visawire · 483d ago

I recently redid my landing page and launched the MVP, could you please provide some feedback regarding the layout and messaging? https://www.visawireapp.com/

robbowers · 483d ago

Feedback on our go-to-market strategy and pitch deck (sans financials) http://tiny.cc/lawnager

- Our long-term goal is to rationalize the lawn care and landscaping industry starting with the US.
- In order to get there, we began by creating software for lawn care professionals to drive sales and simplify the process.
- Once we have a network of professionals, then we will release a version for homeowners to find the right provider at the best price.

Is this the right approach? The alternative might be to build the homeowner view at the same time; however, we will be constrained to find qualified pros to perform the work e.g. Uber without drivers, Airbnb without homes to rent, etc.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions or comments.

- Rob

moritzwallawitsch · 483d ago

Feedback on our LP would be great: https://RemNote.io.


rickkoletavitoglu · 483d ago

Feedback on our Landing Page: https://www.150birds.com/ Thanks!

jonathanrstern · 484d ago

Hey Daniel,

Pairagraph is a platform for written dialogue between pairs of notable individuals. (https://pairagraph.com)

In the short run we’ve decided to keep Pairagraph closed — only certain people are able to participate in dialogues. The idea here is not to exclude anyone but to establish a track record of quality discussion before opening it up. By starting with quality and move gradually to quantity, we think we have a better shot in the long run of preserving both.

When do you think it makes sense to 'open up' Pairagraph and allow authors to start conversations themselves?


- Jonathan Stern

Miriam_Dorsett · 484d ago

I would like to get feedback on my user research survey.
Am I asking the correct questions? Are there questions that I should be asking that I should not? Should I be worried about asking these questions to people in public (I am doing some interviews over live stream video)? How many people should I aim to get to complete it? Right now my goal is 100 in 45 days.
Thank you!

affordance.app · 484d ago

Would like to receive some feedback on the clarity of the message and feasibility

dominik · 484d ago

Any feedback on our LP: https://teamsharq.com and Pitch Deck: https://bit.ly/3dDY4KE is welcome! Thanks!

vladdekhanov · 484d ago

I would be glad to hear feedback on my landing site and how to increase conversion rate to registration.
Site: https://juggler.dev

bufferway.com · 484d ago

Should I be thinking of monetization at this early stage?

Abdallah · 484d ago

If you're willing, please give feedback on my MVP (with tips on how to get more people to schedule?)

Miriam_Dorsett · 484d ago

Ummmmm shut up and take my money! LOL this is such a great idea! How can we talk more? I am a community manager for Finimize and would love to support you with this project using my network when it is ready for testing?

Abdallah · 484d ago

Definitely ready for testing!
Let's connect!

murmurads.com · 484d ago

Please give me feedback on my Landing page . https://murmurcars.com

Miriam_Dorsett · 484d ago

Looks great! I am curious how it all works, "Connect With Audience Where It Matters" maybe add a word "your" so "Connect With Your Audience Where It Matters" Missing a space here: Smarter.Better Placed. Well Priced. between smarter and better. > Launch YOUR campaign, Retarget the audience exposed to Murmur ads across Facebook AND Google (capitalized suggested words to add) >Let`s get started remove "Lets" I honestly just did a quick scan. I suggest doing a much more thorough review of wording based on my quick review I found a lot. Hope this is helpful!

murmurads.com · 482d ago

Thank you very much