freshfarm2door – Our farm produce are all you need for your everyday dish.
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The mission of this solution is to bridge the supply chain gap between the consumers living in the urban areas of Nigeria and the farmers who live in the remote rural villages. We deliver fresh farm produce to your doorstep.

manojranaweera · 19h ago

Wow! We have decided to invest in to Looks like you are further ahead than them.

emekaonuzuruike · 18h ago

Thank you. I will be glad if you can invest in mine. Thanks again.

manojranaweera · 18h ago

It was only a tiny amount. We are still trying to understand how to do this investment. Have you checked us out? If you can afford our subscription fee, i.e. £300/year, then we can still help.

Where are you with traction? Feel free to create a free profile - please select Company from the tabs.

Funding is via It's only £5k so very tiny. We are currently assembling a team of Volunteers to manage this Micro Fund.