Strategic downvoting??
Shared by rochmamenas · 448d ago · 4 comments

I don't want to go into complaining but I feel a bit disappointed with pioneer. We hit 26 in Europe and finally climbed into the global rank.

This week we had a huge release, delivering 2x amount of work we expected with several new huge features, slack notifications, profession builder, exceeded most of our goals, launched a successful open source initiative, hit an interview with a newspaper, called 80 prospects and talked over a potential investor.. All of this I described in the update nicely structured. We bootstrap of a couple thousand $$..

And I was downvoted by literally everyone... and we fell very low which means we were also downvoted over lower players primarily..

I am surprised like hell because usually when I vote, there is maybe 2-3/20 startups which get the type of progress we had this week.. and with much less progress last week we were upvoted 7/10.. and then I look at who has been voting... most of the people who left the feedback were next to us on the leaderboard before the voting, either global or local.. It looks as if we were strategically downvoted, and I am not sure if that's how it should work.

I am trying to be fair when judging other startups and I don't even look if they close to us on the leaderboard myself, now I feel stupid wasting 4 weeks doing updates :/

rishi · 447d ago

Hey! Sorry to hear that. I agree with the other comments -- it takes persistence to excel in voting. We've looked into intentional downvoting a few times and haven't found evidence of it happening at any significant level. I also looked into your specific results for this week and it does look like voters just had some tough decisions to make!

Keep at it -- look forward to seeing you at the top of the leaderboard!

- Rishi (Pioneer team) · 448d ago

This has been brought up a couple of times before eg:

Hopefully some of the replies there will put your mind at ease.

Voting/ranking can be a bit hit and miss some weeks. Sounds like you had an awesome week and you should be proud of what you achieved. Keep grinding consistently and the results will come. We're on our 43rd weekly update and the benefit we've received by being an active part of the Pioneer community has been well worth it!

AndyDent-Touchgram · 447d ago

Have you gone back and checked your Submissions list (from your name on the home page there's a drop-down) just to be sure you didn't do something stupid like accidentally clear a field as you submitted?

Be aware sometimes you will get paired against a top Pioneer who is doing much better than you and, regardless of having a great week, you will still be downvoted relative to them. It's not a perfect system (and I know only what I've observed, have no knowledge of how the pairings work). I've sometimes struggled to pick which is better and felt bad about the downvoting of a great startup. Remember this all averages out - 4 weeks is very short time.

Regarding your cynicism of people who provided feedback - were they good comments?

ptmn · 448d ago

Sorry to hear about that.

As a part of community, I am here to support as the way you support my project. I can feel how you expect to hit higher ranks of Tournament. However, no one can control this process.

I personally don't even look at the leaderboard. Just enjoy being here and learn from this experience. I guess this somehow helps me get into top 10 global sometimes, but honestly, this does tell any much difference from my side.