Feedback for our deck please
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We took Daniel's advice from a recent feedback session and have pivoted our business model towards community building.

We'd love to hear your feedback on it and on our deck in general (eg. I think slide #7 is unnecessary and #14 is weak but tell me what you think).

Also traction slides are coming in the next two weeks when we have more data.

View the deck here:


sole-fields · 535d ago

Love it! Feel like this is the perfect use case on Frontier. Many thoughts:

» "Bringing people together" as tagline. Very vague. What people? TBH, what app can't say they're bringing people together? Focus the target; even saying "bringing millenials together" is an improvement in specificity. I'm lost in outer space with "bringing people together."

» Your title slide looks excellent. Clean and legible with focus on the product + tagline. Unfortunately, every other slide is chaos. Claustrophobic, different images, can't read the text. Lots of background images / colors, clashing shapes, etc. If I were you, I'd keep the background white and stick to that slide 1 level of cleanliness throughout.

» slide 2, these bubbles with percentages have no context and feel random/unsubstantiated. If you keep them, remove "surveyed" ... it's repeated 3 times unnecessarily. Currently, the visual is pointing me to "surveyed" and not to e.g. "always feel alone."

» Problem statement slide can just be one line: "Young people are lonelier than ever before." Or an even simpler approach: "Millennials are lonely." (That is, if you go with the "bringing millennials together" tagline.)

» I scrolled through the rest. Really just too hectic. Can't read the text easily. You need to have a single background the whole time. Slide 12 is really visually unappealing. I don't know where to look or what to glean.

» Slide 14 graph of companies is uniquely hard to grok. Use a classic x-y graph with companies separated by axis/quadrant.

» No one reads a customer story as in depth as this. I.e. "here's Jess... slide / slide / slide ... and we're back to Jess." I'd remove the hypothetical person unless that is the absolute focus of the presentation. If you're sending this to investors, they'll spend all of thirty seconds skimming through this.

» Last slide doesn't make sense and doesn't serve a clear purpose.

» Michael's profile pictures is unnerving.

» I have a request: try completely stripping it down. Use your first slide as the aesthetic key. Try to get rid of half of your slides, or move most of them to the appendix. White background. Single phone in the center. Focus the entirety of the presentation around what is happening on that phone. For me, the phone mock ups are the strongest part. Go all-in on that.

Hope that's helpful! Would really, really love to see round 2 of this.

Pradeep · 528d ago

Woaw! Great job. My deck is almost ready. I'll be sharing it here as well. Awaiting the roast. · 526d ago

Let's go! :)

Pradeep · 526d ago

will be posting it today. ;)

sole-fields · 528d ago

:) Let's do it!

Pradeep · 525d ago
sole-fields · 522d ago

Done! Sry for slight delay. Enjoyed reviewing. Hopefully that's all helpful.

Pradeep · 526d ago

Get ready :D

jeremyorr · 530d ago

That's high value feedback. · 534d ago

Great feedback, thanks

Sal · 535d ago

Sheesh! :) Agree with most of this. Would also be curious about that stripped down version.

Main points of agreement with sole, 1) it's way too hectic (just choose one background and don't make it a picture) and 2) too much text. I bet you could pull this off using 40% of the current amount of text (I don't really want to imagine Jess unless Jess is real).

Awesome work! · 534d ago

Thanks! · 526d ago

You guys rock! We've taken all your feedback on board and tightened everything up a bit, you can see the results here:

Also even though Jess wasn't popular with everyone, we've kept her because we have it on very good advice that a prominent VC we're aiming at strongly prefers persona based story telling. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

sole-fields · 522d ago

Do let us know how that VC conversation goes and fundraising in general. :) · 522d ago

Will do. Looking forward to my first 100 "No's!" on the way to that first yes!

sole-fields · 521d ago

Yes! :)

sole-fields · 522d ago

Good god, man. The improvements are absolutely massive. Congratulations. This is an awesome deck. Clear, clean. Cheers!! · 522d ago

Thanks so much

sole-fields · 521d ago

Shameless, I know. But if you have any good pods for listening, do let me know: · 521d ago


sole-fields · 521d ago

Awesome, thank you!

KaylaBens · 535d ago

Your "angel investment opportunity" slide should probably just say "$500k" -- predicting MAU and ARR is impossible and those numbers are too round anyway to be believable. The key here is you want money to build this thing. Make that one number the focus. Go Miit! · 534d ago

Good feedback thanks!

Pradeep · 532d ago

Andrew, I think you have a ton of feedback - which must be sufficient. But I totally have a different suggestion.

Is it possible to build this quickly and test it out? After seeing the problem statements & other stats in your deck I got his idea (ignore it if this doesn't resonate)

- Keep the tagline & the name. It's good if you can get a domain that straight away says "meet". For ex: "" or "" or "meet.people" etc.

- like how tinder pairs a couple, can you build a simple yet neatly designed app that automatically selects a set of ppl and make them meet somewhere.

- As in, Select (3 boys & 2 girls) or (3 girls & 2 boys) randomly; none of them should ve met before.
- Automatically select a date & place for them to meet.
- set up an RSVP
- if all of them match, let them meet.
- create a group as well.
- Once they meet: they'll obviously create some content in terms of photos or video (you can use that to market)

Usually, I've seen this combination of boys & girls tend to be very close (Just a random observation).

Please don't mistake me for suggesting this idea. I really wanted to convey this. (Maybe you can talk about this to younger kids see if they like it or even the elder ones).

Apologies if this is totally unrelated.

- Pradeep · 531d ago

Thanks for taking the time Pradeep I really appreciate it. It's a really interesting idea and I can see the appeal, Bumble BFF and some others actually do something similar, though I can see some challenges around needing group opt-in. Now is probably not the right time for us to build something new as we're releasing a major update in the next day or so but will definitely keep these ideas in mind as we get feedback from our customers. We'd love for you to try Miit and let let me know what you think. Good news is we have (pronounced "meet").

It's great to see the recent success you've had with Highavenue, can't wait to see where you go from here.

Pradeep · 528d ago

I truly agree - can't jump into new things. This was just an idea I wanted to share.

Thanks Andrew. :) No recent success and all, this was a small uptick in our graph that's all - a long way to go.

Cheers. · 522d ago

#1 Asia/Oceania looks like success to me! Crushing it

sole-fields · 522d ago

Pradeep, check Andrew's new deck above. It's sparkling.

Pradeep · 522d ago

yea! saw it - a huge difference - it's great now. I read all the feedback on my post as well. Noting down everything. I'll be replying to all the comments soon :)

sole-fields · 522d ago

Sweet! :) · 522d ago

Thanks for the support guys, really appreciate it

manojranaweera · 533d ago

Oh, I think I have reviewed your business before Andrew. Here goes

1. Slide 1 - Bringing people together. Great idea. What segment? Where? How? Young male suggests for youngsters. Map suggests geographically based. Good so far. So at this point, this is not for me - but hey that's all ok.
2. Slide 2 - Social media ended up resulting in our hunger to build large networks. Smaller networks are more effective. Are you capping? if not, let's you can only connect with a maximum of 25.
3. Slide 3 - not excited at all. But hey, you would need it I suppose to bring connectivity to current times.
4. Slide 4 - Okish - but I like the storytelling
5. Slide 5 - don't think the mobile app image goes with the content.
6. Slide 6 - Understand granularity. I have used many location-based social apps since 2004 (one of the earliest was Rummble by AndrewS - now a VC who got kicked out from his own startup by investors - a friend of mine). Effectiveness comes to useability - not something that could be explained easily in words.
7. Slide 7 - Differentiation - content driven. Wonder whether you could get this further up, even on slide 1.
8. Slide 8 - All text - boring Andrew. Add an image from your app. I hear ya!
9. Slide 9 - OK, but people uses Apps the way they want to use, and not necessarily how they were designed for. You need to be mindful of this.
10. Slide 10 - man I got this far. Ok now we are talking
11. Slide 11 - Groups are really hard to make work. They need to be introduced at the right traction point. Too early and they become useless. I had to remove the functionality from in early days. How are you measuring usage?
12. Slide 12 - Ok for the nerd who does not know this. Wow Hootsuite? I was once an integration partner. We had an edocr app on Hootsuite with Slideshare. That was a long time ago!
13. Slide 13 - I just get bored with many products if I cannot link them to something I am doing. Until this point, I was bored. If our partnership goes ahead of the AI women bootcamp from Germany, your app could have a role to play. But at this point, I am interested in inbound, i.e. others joining us to volunteer than other way around. But worth exploring this.
14. Slide 14 - I love competitor analysis - What I hate about these is that all companies position themselves in the top right as the measurements are set to favour them and show all other sucks. What I would like to see is showing how you would get to the top right and the effort that would take
15. Slide 15 - okish. Bit bored. Why do we need this?
16. Slide 16 - boring presentation. Make this more attractive. Don't ask me how. Want some volunteers from We now have over 200.
17. Slide 17 - Thank God you didn't say you have P/M Fit.
18. Slide 18 - no contact details

Too many slides. Need to reduce. Good luck.

manojranaweera · 533d ago

Funny though, as community grows, we could become a channel for products like yours, as we are a people business.

Secondly, I am building a global talent pool.

Say you want to launch in Nigeria - could we assemble a team for you? · 532d ago

Thanks for the feedback Manoj, appreciate you taking the time. We're going to be raising next month, maybe your friend AndrewS wants to wet his beak with Miit and get some sweet revenge.

We are full remote at the moment but having had some experience using offshore teams I can certainly see the value in having someone able to provide a vetted team. Great to see you growing.

manojranaweera · 532d ago

Sorry, Andrew. I don't do investor introductions, as it's a service I offer through for UK tech startups when we take on the responsibility for raising investment.

For AndrewS, I think he has moved on and currently invests in deep tech. All the best with your funding round.

At, we are not vetting the volunteers at present. Later on, we will offer an additional paid service to help build your team. We are in fact doing this free right now, but it does not extend to vetting them. A lot can be done later on. Don't want to do too much. Remained 100% focus on 1000 volunteer goal for right now.

ShaneDevane · 534d ago

Nice deck. 2 things. Traction! (you know this already). Also you mentioned a facebook group with some large numbers. That looked really good. But how are you converting them? ie. show the numbers. Also show the downloads of the app....... or user registrations.
that's all for me... · 533d ago

Thanks for the feedback!