Enterprise sales for a bootstrapped project
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How do you build credibility as a miniscule startup building products for a large and antiquated industry like Commercial Real Estate?

Advice on doing enterprise sales.

Finding the right set of users.

lorenwinzeler · 110d ago

Great question. Remember... the large and antiquated is your opportunity and the motivation!!

I think you have a unique opportunity to create screen capture video content using your tool to evaluate deals and opportunities. Put it on Youtube. Snippets on Instagram, Facebook and even Tiktok. Make collaborative content with agents listing commercial real estate.

Hang in the BiggerPockets community or similar and market your content where relevant to discussions of deals. Don't pitch the software. Pitch and link to your content. Even Clubhouse, the audio app, has clubs and rooms with people trying to hussle (I'm mean syndicate) commercial deals. Don't pitch the software, pitch the how-to content.

I would try to sell to individual decision makers instead of pursuing any type of Enterprise sale process to a large company. You can put a Contact Us for Pricing form for Enterprise and field inquiries, but I would avoid complicated sales processes as a small bootstrapped company. It will suck you dry. Unless you have a best friend that can get you in and help it close.

My project sells to mortgage companies and I'm the same boat. Everything I describe above, I know I need to execute on... making video content... but it's challenging as a bootstrapped founder. I keep reminding myself to keep it simple and stick with the strategy for long enough. ...and when it starts working, don't change strategies. Double down.

Happy to connect further. loren (@) downpayment.gift

stroom · 109d ago

Thanks, this is great. Quick clarification, by individuals do you mean individuals at these firms or individual customers?

lorenwinzeler · 110d ago

I forget to mention... I'm approaching sales via cold email outreach using videos in the emails. Personalized only at this stage. All the other content videos published build your credibility when someone looks you up online when receiving your cold outreach. It's a work in progress for me.

Klog · 109d ago

Love these responses

joyce · 114d ago

The first is the hardest, of course! you should start with your users and work from there. who have you targeted as a potential customer and have you made contact?

McKayla-Berry · 114d ago

Do you have a network of folks already in the industry?

stroom · 109d ago

Some, yeah. I have reached out to them.

McKayla-Berry · 109d ago

Badger them! :) Good luck.