AWS Activate Credits
Shared by stroom · 95d ago · 3 comments

We're looking for additional AWS Activate credits. Our business support credits expired. We've already used YC SUS deal. Anyone know if we can get additional credits from somewhere?

ashwindeepak · 92d ago

If there are any other $5k creds you have, you can stack them up to $100k. If you use Mercury, they offer $5k in perks, check out F6S as well & have you applied for AWS Activate directly? I got $1k directly from Activate and another $5k from Mercury.

manojranaweera · 93d ago

How much did you get under YC SUS deal?

manojranaweera · 93d ago

Checked. $5k. My company ( can only give the same I am afraid. Just for the UK tech startups.

We might actually explore perks for those who signs up to as well. Currently we can offer Stripe credits. I've yet to promote this.