Frontier: Progress on the edge
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Meta-post! We're building Frontier to provide founders and researchers everywhere with constructive feedback from peers and experts.

At the moment, we're focused on using Frontier to get feedback for our community -- mostly Pioneer companies. As we work out kinks in the product and firm up guidelines & moderation strategy, we'll start to roll it out a bit more.

Please be prolific with feedback! In particular:
- What improvements do you want to see to the Frontier *product*?
- What type of content would make Frontier more interesting (if you're casually perusing) or useful (as a founder yourself)?

ashwinsk · 106d ago

About 2 years late, but how bout a search bar and some basic categorization?

rishi · 824d ago

Markdown support in description & comments? At least bold, italics, and block quotes.

rishi · 810d ago

*Bold*, italic and...

block quotes!

keegan-jones · 824d ago

Markdown support would be rad.

dcg · 824d ago

Let's launch edit before Twitter does

rishi · 821d ago


Deleted · 812d ago

Notifications would be useful, tbh. Atm I gotta manually check my posts/comments for upvotes/comments from others

rishi · 811d ago

On it!

hunterscott · 817d ago

Collapsible comment threads?

tim · 810d ago

This is already better than ProductHunt. Nice job.

I'd love something where people can post updates on their products, not just the launch. When it's launch-only, it's high-stakes, one-time-only, no chance for interested people to see progress (back into the void it goes), it's chaotic/random how much attention it gets (who else launched today?), and generally counter to the strategy most of us want founders to follow: launch an early, embarrassing version, and then iterate.

Now if Frontier was completely full of minor changelogs (fixed a bug on iOS, app opens faster), that wouldn't be very interesting either. But I wonder if there's a balance somehow.

One idea: what if upvoting a launch subscribed you to their updates or gave you a feed of updates on the Frontier app?

Another idea: what if there was a separate feed for updates, and the best ones get surfaced on the main feed?

Edit: In more general terms, could this become a place people can build a following for their project, rather than just a spike of attention? · 812d ago

Backend API to posts

rishi · 811d ago

Interesting. What would you do with the API?

estebanvargas · 817d ago

"A Show HN where they only give you constructive feedback" would solve a pain in the ass for people like us. I'm wondering, what's the plan to achieve this?

Real identities?

User curation?

Something else?

weaver · 824d ago

Does Frontier have a concept of "reputation"?

jackson · 811d ago

To focus on the work itself, less on the explanation, maybe char limit descriptions?

jackson · 811d ago

Interesting thought by Sigil - could Frontier replace Discord?

srv · 820d ago

featured posts (with a highlight that shows that they're special. e.g. this one)

andriybas · 820d ago

Great job, Rishi! Love it!

rishi · 824d ago

Posts by their own creators should be required to include specific questions for feedback.

dcg · 824d ago


rishi · 818d ago

Per IRL discussion: ignoring this for now, since moderators can remove content as needed.

dws · 822d ago

Why though? For reporting reasons? There’s definite behavioral effects when a negative signal can be observed by others within a community.

weaver · 824d ago

Should downvotes be hidden behind a rep threshold?

rishi · 824d ago

Would be nice to know if the project's creator shared the post themselves.

dcg · 822d ago

I should auto-upvote my own submissions probably?

rishi · 821d ago


mo · 823d ago

Great job!
Nitpick: I think the UI a tad too spacious, as in for example without scrolling I only see 3 comments on a 16" screen.

dws · 822d ago

We should just expose UI attributes like “density” in Frontier settings. I want this to be like my vim.rc file — I weirdly like the idea of just rejecting brand enforced UI and just making it feel like a tool that you can tweak to your own preferences. Good idea? Not sure... Provocative? Definitely :)

rishi · 820d ago

Love this concept.

srv · 824d ago

posts submitted by a user could automatically have an upvote from themselves

rishi · 818d ago