Basic Stats
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I created a colab notebook that can function as a low-code option for non-technical academics, especially graduate students.

This is important because not all academics and graduate students have access to their normal statistical software due to campus COVID-19 closures.

The notebook enables:
-Linear Regression
-Linear Regression plotting
-Chi^2 Tests

Team members:
Katie Evanko-Douglas (

Link to Final Product (feel free to play around!):

5-Minute Demo Video:

GitHub Repo:

devonoober · 814d ago

The demo looks really good. This will be of great help not only now, but to do a quick data analysis in a non-shutdown scenario.

mgg · 815d ago

The demo is superb because it does run a complex lot of things in something that looks and feels like a GDoc

worldwidekatie · 814d ago

Thank you! I was hoping the feeling/simplicity of being like a GDoc would help non-technical people be more comfortable with it, even if it does have some complex functions.

princess-leia-531009 · 815d ago

Love the solution, I can't imagine what state I'd be in if I was a graduate student displaced by the shutdown. The video demo especially helped me understand your project better.

worldwidekatie · 815d ago

Thank you! I'm glad it helped. That makes me think when I'm done I should make a how-to video specifically tailored to graduate students I hope will be using this.