Pann: Half Zoom, Half Virtual Conference
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Project description:

Pann is a step forward between a Zoom call and a fully virtual conference in VR.

It provides full control over realistic spatial audio environment, for a remote conferencing experience which more genuinely resembles a pleasant in-person communication.

Team members:
Omar Kamali
Pavle Goloskokovic

marc · 814d ago


nell-077457 · 814d ago

Spacy experience, I like it!

ron-778757 · 814d ago

Can we get the source of that? had to fight with webrtc and id love to see some basic implementation · 814d ago

Good vision :)

jborichevskiy · 814d ago

I love this! Also, really clever blend of 3D/2D!

gabrielenvienta · 814d ago

this is fun!

elenanadolinski · 814d ago

This is super cool!!! I really did this. I'm surprised how interactive and "in the moment" it makes you feel. Great on everything design too!

pavlegoloskokovic · 814d ago

That's it folks!
Follow our project link to enjoy almost lifelike in-person conference communication

No video, just live demo, sorry :(

pavlegoloskokovic · 814d ago

Forgot to include instructions

Reposition participants and objects in the scene, by dragging them by their black dots on the ground, to change how you perceive their audio in this virtual environment.

pavlegoloskokovic · 814d ago

And we have a demo live at:

Video and audio are placeholders for now (hi Mishka! :D) until we plug the real streams in.
Note: plant is not a placeholder :)))

mno1324 · 814d ago

So good I'm not even mad