Great first video call + interest in women's group?
Shared by Vi · 628d ago · 8 comments

I just had my first video meeting with Nathan (PocketPlan), (InsuredNomads), and Maryna (GrowthChannel). Very productive session with actionable tips. Thanks, y'all! Highly recommend joining these sessions to iterate faster.

Also, is there any interest in a women's group? We can meet casually every 2-4 weeks for 30-45 minutes. · 625d ago

You know, I'm in ;)

Vi · 624d ago

Of course! :)

Kryotech · 609d ago

Count me in. I would be super interested. I would love to know how women perceive security and privacy, their thoughts, wishes and fears on this one. No one does enough research into this with women, which is nuts.

Vi · 603d ago

Totally! I'll be sending a survey for meeting logistics and Sam will relay the info to everyone interested.

worldwidekatie · 625d ago

I'd be interested in a women's group for sure. Please let me know if this happens.

Vi · 625d ago

Will do! :)

manojranaweera · 627d ago

Good to hear.

We just started to track investments going into female-led tech startups in the UK. May be of interest

Vi · 625d ago

Thanks for sharing!