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A platform for everyone which help them to get the essential items in the situation of lockdown or pandemic.
This platform proves to be beneficial for everyone and especially for isolated people, quarantine people and community weaker sections.

They can upload their list of essential items like medicine,milk,etc and volunteers who are from among us and all the government entities like police, social workers can help those people.

Through this platform government can keep the track of those areas where food supply is not proper and people are facing issue.

As the major reason for going out of the house is to buy essential items like food,milk or medicine and government has to allow those things which leads to problem in handling the situation of lockdown and to make people isolated. But with this platform an individual can make a list of those items and upload on the website and any government volunteer can help those people by arranging those products.

Team members:
Rishabh Jain

Code :

Only Together we can win over corona.So be at home and use the platform NeighbourHood to get isolated and safe.

Rishu · 814d ago

Good initiative

lois-lane-719153 · 814d ago

Idea sounds great and I am really sure that it proves to be beneficial for society.

ender-924209 · 814d ago

Very good initiative. Keep it up

mario-056303 · 814d ago

Nice idea.It is good initiative and help the community a lot.

shawn · 814d ago

Nice idea. Especially since a lot of governments aren't prepared with the technology needed for a successful lockdown

nell-919336 · 814d ago

idea sounds it could be beneficial.

david · 814d ago

Ditto worldwidekatie's comment—definitely a good initiative to help out neighbors, but the video's marked as private!

art3mis-407940 · 814d ago

A good one and I think it really to be selected. I am really sure that it proves to be beneficial for society.

ender-079439 · 814d ago

Video is private :( I would really like to check this project out

miguelrochefort · 814d ago

Your video is private. I can't see it.

worldwidekatie · 814d ago

Your video is marked as private!