What's your "ice bucket challenge"?
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Prompted by a review discussion with https://frontier.pioneer.app/u/andrew-miit.co

Would love to know ... if you could implement a kind of viral marketing strategy to gain traction across platforms? Like the ice bucket challenge etc but for Touchgram

This made me think a bit creatively about what could be done as a challenge with Touchgram but also I think is an interesting exercise for Pioneers in general - could you have an ice bucket challenge as a marketing activity?

Touchgram Competitive Puzzle Crafting Challenge

One early adopter market I'm chasing is creative people who are reasonably savvy using tech so want a challenge for both their technical and creative ego.

So I'm thinking of something like a timed puzzle message competition. Each person gets a short time to make a Touchgram message, which has some kind of final reveal in the content. Then the next person has to solve the puzzle. Judging could include artistic merit as well as technical complexity.

It emphasises the ability to build complex interactive experiences with Touchgram.

The only thing stopping me doing this right now is the View Source feature which means you can see how another person's Touchgram works. The Pro Tools feature due in May will allow suppressing this.

It might also be worth waiting until there's a more general way to share winning Touchgrams beyond people sending them as one-one messages.

The Recording issue

This applies to Touchgram but also to a lot of other apps. I'd be interested to hear if people have considered this as an impediment to users making videos of their experience.

There's a technical issue here of recording screens - that may take a bit of work to make it easy for people to generate their competitive TikTok or YT videos.

andrew-miit.co · 1d ago

I really like this idea. I love the thought of building puzzles. I'm a huge fan of the old Broken Sword games with the classic point and click puzzle solving - I imagine creative types could do amazing things with Touchgram and the viral potential of people constantly 1-upping each other could be really exciting. Imagine if Zac King got on board.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 1d ago

Thanks, the AWS startup team rep I was speaking to a few hours ago really liked the competitive idea too.

Really hope a few other Pioneers can chime in with their ideas for challenges.

And thanks for reminding me I never finished Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars on my iPad - it was one of my packed for flying games but I always fall into the trap of if you're awake enough to play a game you should be coding (because I never get enough coding time on holidays).

andrew-miit.co · 23h ago

Stuff gets drowned out on Frontier pretty quickly these days. Maybe pop it in your feedback request next week?

I haven't played it in years, but just hearing the intro gets me every time!

NFT-gal · 23h ago

Love the task of thinking of how your product could go viral. These days so many things have gone viral, you can also ask more specifically (which you're doing): "how can my product go ice bucket challenge-esque viral"...

You could replace "ice bucket challenge" with any of its equivalent viral affairs (Harlem shake, Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice guy, even on a more minor scale-- paint.wtf from the Booste pioneer). Love that style of thinking. Also makes me think about how each company fits within a certain category of viral. Maybe yours is the puzzle-like challenge, or maybe it's something like Willy Wonka golden ticket where someone randomly gets selected (the golden ticket winner) and you pay for a trip for them or something, then film it, post on TikTok and go viral that way. Obviously, this is galaxy-brain fictionalized but...

Anyway, have nothing for you specifically, just enjoying this train of thought. Cheers!