Fewer tech-savvy founders?
Shared by AndyDent-Touchgram · 146d ago · 22 comments

This may very much be just me but am wondering if the feedback people are getting reflects a recent shift.

Has Pioneer acquired a lot more founders recently who are not technically literate?

Comment triggered by a bit of feedback I received today:

"I also think the planned activities and progress report can be better presented with less technical jargon. that way we can easily compare and monitor progress,simple is always a better way to commmunicate"

I'll admit to being a bit terse at times but this has seemed a trend over a few weeks now.

kendsouza · 146d ago

yep...welcome to the no code generation:)

dhruvbhatia · 146d ago


curtaustin · 83d ago

Had to chime in on this, because I enjoy the general tech advice without too many details. Not a programmer and should consider myself a no-code founder. That being said, I know enough to be dangerous and enough not to say anything for fear of being very wrong at someone else's expense. I leave feedback that relates to how I can see a problem being fixed from a public facing problem, not back end tech. Probably why I am still grinding through as a no code type of person...prefer to spend time trying to sell. After all of that, I really enjoy the tech advice and have noticed it a little lacking the last few months.

dhruvbhatia · 146d ago

Interesting. For me, this seems the case anywhere (Twitter, Pioneer, Linkedin etc.). I don't get bothered by it though, you need to segment your audience and focus on those who you think are the best fit ("target persona", etc.)

I'm technical btw (as technical as they come ), happy to give you feedback related to Touchgram

manojranaweera · 145d ago

I even had one person introduce me to project management tools, e.g. Asana with a link as well.

cassandracadorin · 125d ago

If anyone would like to try a new PM tool I have www.can-ticket.com

Masa · 145d ago

I even had one person introduce me to kpi tools, e.g. Firebase with a link as well.

manojranaweera · 145d ago

Firebase got KPIs? This is my metrics page https://skilledup.life/metrics

I've not really used Firebase. KT (my man) suggested Firebase for SkilledUp Life Leaderboard App. Contemplating. But I applied for $5k AWS Credits - Hopefully I should get the AWS email to approve it (https://techcelerate.ventures). So once again, may stick with AWS.

Masa · 145d ago

You can fetch basic KPIs via Firebase, such as DAU, WAU, MAU, engagement time, device version, region map and so on. It's integrated with Google Analytics in background.

manojranaweera · 145d ago

Good to know. Thanks for the knowledge share.

Masa · 145d ago

I'm a techie founder :)

manojranaweera · 145d ago

Prove it! We don't believe you. Say something techie!

Masa · 145d ago

Haha.. sounds difficult to prove it.

visawire · 146d ago

I think you're doing great Andy! And I agree, even though I'm building through no-code I don't think your jargon is too technical. It's the work that you have to do

manojranaweera · 146d ago

Oh Andrew, what did you do now?

AndyDent-Touchgram · 146d ago

My plans for the week
More work on visual design http://tiny.cc/tged2
String operations in core engine
Final iOS12 featureset decided

manojranaweera · 146d ago

However, I am building two other apps

1. SkilledUp Life Leaderboard to help our customers go from £0 to £10k MRR - so revenue-focused. Very much inspired by Pioneer
2. SkilledUp Life Insights - as we currently have no data on transactions, etc

(1) being built by a full stack developer Volunteer
(2) being built by one of my employees from Deal Lite.

manojranaweera · 146d ago

We still have the same version I went live on 1st Aug 2020 at https://skilledup.life - crazy compared to you and others, continuously improving the design, usability, etc.