Clubhouse - hot new connection space or time-suck?
Shared by AndyDent-Touchgram · 296d ago · 7 comments

I've seen a few mentions here in the last week which prompted this thought - is Clubhouse efficient time-wise?

I only listen to podcasts when I'm doing other things, like painting or some exercise, so it's dual-use of my time. I got the impression as Clubhouse is real-time and chatty that it would be a lot of time relative to the knowledge.

Are people making great connections there or is it like a digital version of an awkward networking party where you get 5 minutes of value for 2 hours of distraction.

sam@novamoney · 291d ago

I like the idea of audio rooms, I think it definitely fills a gap in the social media space dominated by selfies, narcissist posts and teenage girls dancing.

Too bad it's available only on iPhone so far. · 293d ago

be honest i do not like CH, to many people in rooms and often takes days to get on a stage and ask question.
I usually listen podcasts when drive.

manojranaweera · 295d ago

Right now, it's about building your profile and becoming a Clubhouse influencer for many. Real follow-ups take place on Twitter and then longer ones on Linkedin.

joyce · 296d ago

If you are in the audience, you can listen to it like a podcast or ambient background. And if something interesting is discussed, then you can pay closer attention.
Rooms vary greatly in quality. So you have to curate your feed, much like Twitter.
There are great connections being made, but also inauthentic and transactional ones depending on club and room.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 296d ago

you have to curate your feed, much like Twitter

but isn't it realtime? If so, that demand is much heavier than Twitter, Slack or anything else I'm involved with.

joyce · 295d ago

It is real time but you can still curate your feed given what clubs you follow, who you follow, and the interests you select

AndyDent-Touchgram · 295d ago

Doesn't matter how you can filter your feed. As a real-time thing it's a joke to me - I'm on GMT+8 so I'm not going to get up in the middle of the night on the offchance someone in SV is discussing something important. I spend enough hours on early-morning video calls as it is.

Twitter & Slack & can review on my own timeframe. Similarly, podcasts are there for my choice of time, when doing other things.