Embrace the Changes
Shared by Kryptoken · 7d ago · 4 comments

Sharing this wonderful video about digital business transformation - how we should adapt with the hasty changes in time, technology and the new normal society...

pusccrypto · 9h ago

So timely and relevant to our current new normal society.

Kryptoken · 6d ago

Perfectly said! It’s an advent of digital technology, IOT and the semantic web. And thus it goes, “the future of investment is to invest in the future.”

Kryptoken · 6d ago

And yeah, metaverse! We’re (I am, personally) just finishing up our framework and structure. But we’ll do have our space in the MetaVerse arena for sure...already have it actually. I do code and integrate via Sandbox too :-).

MNM · 6d ago

GREAT video! Thanks for the share! The future is already here! Companies are racing to get into the Web 3 space. A lot of people think the Metaverse is "just a video game," but it's so much more than this! It's where we will go to meet up with friends, take online classes, go to conferences and live concerts, shop and do just about everything we can do in normal life! If you haven't yet discovered Decentraland or The Sandbox, I suggest you take a peek to see what's coming... Have fun!