What tools do you use for MAU, WAU, DAU tracking? How to get realistic numbers in the age of adblock?
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I personally use GA for https://www.commudle.com, but then if the user has adblock installed, the numbers take a hit.

braddwyer · 139d ago

We log events server-side into Segment (eg at sign-in) and it funnels them to Amplitude and Mixpanel.


ptmn · 139d ago

I use GA. Fathom might be another option - I have not tried yet, but it would the right fit for GDPR.

arthtyagi · 140d ago

I use GA as well and that’s true, the numbers do take a big hit. Even Firefox without Adblock blocks GA so GA is one of the most useless liability of all times. You need to comply with the EU laws that GA by default requires.

If we're having to comply with EU GDPR laws, then at least we should use something like Mixpanel that could provide better analytics. And if you don’t want the hassle of complying with EU GDPR laws with the cookie banners and stuff, SimpleAnalytics and Plausible are great alternatives. Both of them are paid though.

However, they comply with EU GDPR laws and they aren't blocked by scripts, it includes a no script tag so your actual numbers won’t take a hit even if JS is disabled or Adblock is on.

If you come across any startup deal for either of them, it’d be great if you could share that. I’ll do the same if I come across any deals for them.

manojranaweera · 140d ago

How's the traction Arpan? I came across your startup at the very beginning but have not seen you in the tournament for a long time. How many users have you got now?

We are still focusing 100% on volunteer sign-ups until we get to 1000 volunteers. Then will start at transactions and company sign-ups before starting to focus on active users.

All the best.

commudle.com · 133d ago

Hi Manoj!

Hope you're doing great. We're growing as a platform (for recurring users) and with more communities becoming active again. We've been in the tournament all along, haven't been able to write reviews for some time, though I post my updates. The schedule gets a little tight to patiently review the other projects on Pioneer and I don't want to give half baked reviews :)

How's the volunteer sign up going? Anyways I could help out?


manojranaweera · 133d ago

Hi Arpan, we are 93 short to reach 1000 by 31st. Need a small miracle. Still hopefull to hit the target.

manojranaweera · 133d ago

92 short now

ElijahMizrahi · 140d ago