How legit are feedback requests that are 100% marketing?
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Been seeing quite a lot of feedback requests which basically say please install my app/sign up for my live stream/try my demo.

This is weird because as a reviewer it puts me in the position of feeling like I need to do whatever the requester asks in order for them to give me a top feedback pick.

How legit are these marketing feedback requests?

My opinion:

Some are OK, if the company has just released X new feature or app and wants some testing.

But most of them are straight up marketing ploys which have nothing to do with getting feedback (often don't even ask for feedback!).

For instance, when you're directed towards a waitlist, i.e. can't even use the product yet.

braddwyer · 407d ago

Trying someone’s product and giving feedback is probably one of the absolute most impactful things you can do.

I try to do this as often as I can even if they don’t ask.

manojranaweera · 406d ago

It's not practical when you are given 20 companies to review every week, in my opinion. If you are still able to do this, my hats off to you Sir/Madam.

leandermaerkisch · 407d ago

Sharing a video link on how the app/demo works is usually sufficient for feedback. Personally, I do not install/sign-up for anything I do not want. I am unsure whether this kind of marketing to push vanity metrics is really beneficial. Thanks for taking on the discussion!

manojranaweera · 406d ago

Video link on one week is fine. But you can't keep asking the same. That's one of the problem. Need to be creative to keep the reviewers interested.

tosh · 407d ago

I also wish every update had a clear ask. That said, I can see how coming up with a good ask (and having a good one at all times) is somewhat of an art as well. Perhaps there could be dedicated micro-content on what makes a great ask?

I do think some of the "try my app" or "check my landing page" asks might just be fill-ins for the lack of a better ask but they can be legit as well. In the end I think it is on all of us whether/how to follow through on asks like that. Sometimes having someone else to go through the sign up and onboarding journey for your app and to give it a try and then to provide real feedback w/ a fresh take really can move the needle :)

manojranaweera · 406d ago

Certainly true.

larsonreever · 402d ago

I think it is on all of us whether/how to follow through on asks like that. Sometimes having someone else to go through the sign up and onboarding journey for your app and to give us a try here

cilliancollins · 407d ago

On top of this; I think it should be outlawed for people to say "You have my vote!"

I've been seeing it a lot more recently and it's easy to see how people get feedback upvotes when they announce that they're upvoting their progress update. It feels inauthentic and I can't see any benefit of telling people that you're upvoting them. I think the only thing it serves to do is have the other person return the favour.

manojranaweera · 406d ago

I just ignore these I am afraid.

cilliancollins · 406d ago

Yeah I make a point of not voting people who say it but I assume it's working for them...

praneethkasula · 407d ago

I honestly believe everyone is trying their best. By far, this is one of the most effective communities I've come across. Sometimes people post their updates at the last minute. And some weeks there may not be real progress updates, but we don't want to lose our points so we might try to post a digestible piece of update. As a result, some might end up posting a vague update that may or may not have an ask.

If anything, we should evaluate this as a flaw in the system, rather than viewing players in a negative light. We can always downvote if we don't like an update.

For instance, my product is not built yet. It's still under construction, and waitlist is the validation mechanism many of us use to build interest and keep up ourselves accountability. Anyone can choose to signup or not signup.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 406d ago

You can always post Google docs, Evernote or Notion pages that are shared with the reviewers for their commentary - I've got some of my best feedback by doing that because it lets me write a targeted explanation without it being on the main website.

praneethkasula · 406d ago

That's a good way, I plan to do that too. But sometimes, some people don't have the time to do it in time for submission. All I'm saying is... things happen, everyone is trying.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 406d ago

I don't write those documents for submission - I write them as design documents as I'm going and sometimes create a new shared page for the submission, with more sensitive bits removed and commentary explaining them. That new page takes a minute or two to create.

If you're not documenting your thinking as you go then

1. I think your design process needs improving
2. You are missing out on a way to build a body of proof to potential investors about the depth of thought in the business.
3. If you grow to the point of bringing on employees, without a history they lack context.

(Any devs, please don't segue into explaining Agile to me, I've been around since before it was invented.) · 407d ago

Guilty of this as we've just launched our crowdfunding campaign! Most of the time though try to steer away from putting marketing in the feedback requests unless it is seeking feedback on our marketing (eg. what do you think of our video).

I always try and ask for something though as it makes the reviewers job easier and helps me choose best feedback. It makes it harder to provide good feedback when there's no ask, so I'd probably even prefer marketing asks to nothing at all.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 406d ago

I write my Ask earlier in the week, along with noting if there's anything else I want to highlight.
(I have a spreadsheet tracking my entire time in Pioneer inc sometimes depressing score results)

If you want people to try the app, bear in mind they may have only a few minutes dedicated to your review. So don't be generic "please try my app" but ask for one simple thing "tell me if the onboarding annoys you or helps you", "does the touch sensor editing screen confuse you?" etc

If you want people to try an app which requires login, give them test credentials so they don't have to create an account. · 406d ago

Great advice. We're actually dropping the login requirement and moving to launching straight into the app TikTok style. Wish I'd tracked more of my progress early. Have taken screenshots of the last 10 weeks or so but haven't compiled anything. I feel you with those low score weeks, we've had a couple on the trot of late.

manojranaweera · 408d ago

Yes, I think this was one of the reasons I was questioning my participation earlier today. Most of the companies sent to me for review don't even have an ASK. Secondly, most don't have updates against their KPIs. This actually drives me nuts!

I'm guilty of not being consistent myself.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 406d ago

Ouch, yeah forgot about the KPIs. Need to do some addressing of that myself. :-8)