Pioneer Interview: Karen Serfaty
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Karen has been a Pioneer since April 2020, working on Palabra (, Segment for email. Since her selection she's gone through Pioneer Camp (during which she went from 0 to 300 users), the Demo Livestream and Launch accelerator, eventually raising $1M and hiring a team of nine.

We're thrilled to see her progress and sat down with her for a brief interview on the journey thus far.

lorenwinzeler · 284d ago

What a coup to get on the call with Traynor/Intercom!! Now the tier 2 pricing says "Import your data from Amplitude and Intercom". :)

hope they will continue to build out connections to customer data platforms like Rudderstack (open source alternative Segment) or Customerlabs and others.

sole-fields · 284d ago

A total coup... was a perfect match. · 288d ago

This is an awesome project targeting a huge need.

We were just discussing how the best marketing tech tools are out of reach for small businesses because of the lack of in house engineering and the complexity of implementing. Palabra is the only offering in the space I'm aware of built for businesses that may have no dedicated engineering resources and no dedicated head of growth to turn email into an ATM. That's the overwhelming majority of all businesses worldwide.

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Well done. First time I came across them. Confusing account sign-up process. I get sent to demo data. Gave up.

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