Murmur Raised $200K.
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We raised $200K and continuing to grow.
Thank you all for your support. · 163d ago

Congrats, Emin. Ditto Brainsprays' comments about my recent Chicago visit. ;-) So excited for you! · 163d ago

Thank you very much my friend

rashmi_mahadevaiah · 164d ago

Congratulations!! :) Please share your story of how you raised · 163d ago

Will try to do it. Thank you

Sendoff · 141d ago

Congrats. +1 on sharing your story

Arha · 147d ago


neal · 149d ago

Congrats! Do share your story for us to learn :) · 156d ago

Congratulations. I look forward to hear you share your story. I am on target to raise $100k in 6 months

Wallace2020 · 157d ago

Hi Emin and congrats to reaching to that peak!

Well, i see you have a great project and keep it on.

I too at the moment i am on the fund-raise mission drive at the moment so as to meet the needs of our project.

We are a community based organization/CBO, that eradicates poverty.

Thus, i would like you to have a look at one of our programs drafted grant proposal (SME's) where i would like to borrow a leaf from you.

So, lets stay in touch and continue our conversations so that we look for ways on how we are going to broaden our horizons. Be spreading around about our noble and worthy cause ans indeed, we are all going to make the world a more better place.

Lastily, I suggest we exchange e-mails so that i attach and submit the grant proposal doc.

Mine is;


Mr. Wallace,

Githurai, Kiambu County, Kenya, East Africa. · 164d ago

Congratulations Emin! I was in Chicago for a couple of days this week and thought about you and Murmur cars. I was secretly hoping to see one roaming round :D Way to go man! · 163d ago

Next time when you will be in Chicago hit me up, would love to meet up. my email is · 162d ago

Definitely! Thanks Emin!

user_1234 · 165d ago

Congrats · 165d ago

Thank you