Do you want me to hunt your product?
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I have 755 followers on Product Hunt. Happy to hunt your product if you think my numbers are sufficient, provided I understand your product.


Please provide the material to help me with the hunt, as I want to be efficient as possible.

UPDATE: I'm withdrawing this offer with immediate effect. Sorry. There was no demand and I am getting extremely busy with building, especially as our team has grown to over 20 volunteers. · 7d ago

Hello Manoj, thank you for the kind offer. We're already on PH with the beta version but maybe you can help us when we launch the AppStore version?

manojranaweera · 1d ago

Sorry. I have now withdrawn this offer.

manojranaweera · 7d ago

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That's super smart! Are some of those volunteers? If so, it's a brilliant angle for helping your clients. I just followed you there.

manojranaweera · 1d ago

Sorry. Just letting you know I withdrew this offer. · 1d ago

Hi, that's fine. Thanks for letting me know. Are you launching on PH?

manojranaweera · 1d ago

No immediate plans. May be explore in the new year.

We finally have bit more control over how we communicate with our growing community. So need to rally the troops before we ever go one PH. · 1d ago

Cool! Does your army use Zoom?

manojranaweera · 1d ago

What do you have in mind? · 1d ago

Something unusual but potentially useful for both of our customers. I'll send an email this evening. Congrats on the new recruits :D

manojranaweera · 15d ago

I didn't realise but your PH network is much bigger than mine Lorenzo. Well done. · 15d ago

It my be, but I'm not active there. The only contacts I know are the ones that connected due to LinkedIn I think. So the number of my PH followers doesn't reflect my value to those followers (or vice versa).

manojranaweera · 15d ago

No. Just my old network. I've not mentioned PH to our team yet. 26 short to reach 2,000. We have first meeting with our first Nigerian partner tomorrow.

We got lawyers and all sort of experienced folks signing up from Nigeria. Very exciting. Wish I could spend all of my time on building SkilledUp Life. Sadly it's one of three things I need to focus on. I've parked 4th and 5th for the time being.

JeremiahBabasanmi · 14d ago

Yes. I will send you an email now


manojranaweera · 1d ago

Sorry. Not received. I have now withdrawn this offer.

anushilsutaria · 15d ago

Hey Manoj,
Hope you can our - Dzor!

manojranaweera · 15d ago

Upvoted. But already hunted, so not sure what else I can do.