What are the biggest challenges you exeprience when hiring for your company?
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GrowthChannel.io · 154d ago

Getting the best talent while you cannot offer a great pay check (at the beginning) like the bigger companies

Gabi · 154d ago

a fellow pioneer recently reminded me that enthusiasm matters, not just checks!

Prohorde.co · 154d ago

Have you seen a lack of enthusiasm when you offer a decent check?

Gabi · 154d ago

Hire missionaries, not mercenaries, especially early stage, if a pay check is the only thing getting people excited, you have other problems

Prohorde.co · 154d ago

It's a simple question I asked you. Have you ever seen a lack of enthusiasm when you offer a decent check?

GrowthChannel.io · 153d ago

I haven't been in a situation yet to offer a decent check at my own startup, but every time I hear a person asking/talking about "stability", "monthly base" - often times that person is mainly motivation by just $$$$. When hiring my team at corporations, the situation is very different. So it depends on the type of company as well. Many people would join a big corporation with a "decent check" and still be very enthusiastic. Hope this helps!

braddwyer · 155d ago

The reason we're hiring is because we're completely underwater with the current workload, roadmap, and opportunities, but hiring takes a ton of time which makes things worse because we're dedicating less attention to the things that need to get done right now. (I believe they call this "being too hungry to eat.")

sam@novamoney · 154d ago

I can definitely relate to that Brad!

Prohorde.co · 155d ago

What aspect of Hiring take most of your time?

braddwyer · 154d ago

It’s not really that it takes a lot of time but that it’s important to be responsive and it’s a rolling process that is never finished. So it’s a parallel process that always needs to be running in your brain in addition to all your other responsibilities.

It’s much more like sales than engineering.

sam@novamoney · 154d ago

Attracting top talented candidates when we can't pay anywhere close their market salary is hard.
Interviewing them used to be excessively time consuming but I switched to offline tech interview which saved me 40h+.

But I haven't found any hack to easily attract A-level employees.

Gabi · 154d ago

I think that investing in a good hiring process and being the best player can help attract great talent. I recently hired two big roles and did topgrading interview process + trial days. This was a great learning experience for me in developing my hiring muscle but also learning that the competencies that you need for early-stage startup is very different to season exec.

Miriam_Dorsett · 155d ago

Finding time to interview them is a challenge, onboarding them, giving them a proper training so they feel committed and like they have a purpose at the company.

Prohorde.co · 155d ago

It seems like you have the candidates already; interviewing them is what you need to set aside some time to do.

How long did it take you to get the suitable candidates to interview?

Miriam_Dorsett · 101d ago

exactly...finding the time. Once I placed the job on LinkedIn a lot of quality applicants started coming in. Within the same day.

manojranaweera · 156d ago

None really. I advertised on a job board. Selected the best candidate. Had one interview and he runs https://skilledup.life for me. The rest of our team is volunteers from our own product.

I repeated the same method with 2 more hires, 1 each per https://deallite.uk and https://techcelerate.ventures. All working very well.

I don't consider myself as having great team-building knowledge and experience. All the best.

Prohorde.co · 155d ago

What's the Max time it took you to find the best candidate for the projects?

manojranaweera · 155d ago

Think it was less than 2 weeks.

manojranaweera · 155d ago

But now I am building an army of free talent at https://skilledup.life