[Updated - don't answer the survey] Created a typeform survey for feedback
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## Updated posting

I got anxious and posted this with little context and without first contributing to the community elsewhere.

i.e. I made a mistake.

I vacillated between deleting the whole thing or keeping it here.

In the end, I chose to keep this here as a lesson to myself. and modify it. No need to answer the survey.

Because I will have to do a v2 based on feedback I received on the weekly tournament anyway, so this version is bust.

I like to thank user @sole-fields for the direct feedback in helping me realize the mistake I made. You can read it below in the comments section.

## Original posting here
I created this survey and posted in indiehacker and trends.vc

I only got one respondent from trends.vc

1. I'm looking for survey respondents and will be selecting 10 respondents to do further interview. Willing to pay USD50 per call

2. Any other good places I can ask for survey respondents to do my research? Preferably Django familiar developers

sole-fields · 40d ago

A bit of feedback for you.. this is your first post on Frontier and you're asking folks to fill out an anonymous survey? I don't think that'll garner much attention.

To strongly consider:
- Most importantly, describe what you're doing and why. I clicked the Typeform and it's as vague as can be (e.g. "help me with my SaaS project..."). What are you building? What is the survey about? Who will be using the information I input? Context!
- Comment on some other posts, first!


kimsiasim · 37d ago


Thank you for your feedback.

You're absolutely right. I let my inner anxious spider get the better of me and resorted to mindless posting.

I actually saw your comment the very same day you posted, but I ruminated between whether to keep this or delete the whole post and start over.

Anyway, I got my clarity and I came back to say thank you for the direct feedback. I needed it.

sole-fields · 37d ago

No worries! :) Happy to chime in. ALSO very happy to answer that survey v2 when you're ready to share. Do comment here again (as I believe that's the only good method of communication atm) when the time comes. Eager to see.