Should we as "Founders" see each other as Competition? or are we suppose to help each other grow?
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Is it that we are suppose to see each Founder as some sort of competition or are we suppose to help each other grow in some aspect?

The feedback from last week and this week on my progress tells an interesting story, last week comments was productive, constructive and positive. I got some excellent votes with respect to that and I moved up significantly.

However this week was different, even though my progress report shows "on-going" development and even more progress from last week. The votes was disappointing and even the feedback comments questioned whether Founders actually review the website or even understand "on-going" development from the progress report.

Many founders seem to believe that the details of a concept can or should be done over night. So even though i mention Privacy and Security as part of the concept, on-going development would show that I am doing all that is necessary to make it happen.

I will say this though, regardless to how Founders treat "Growth" on the leaderboard, i will not go down that road and provide unconstructive feedback on pre-mature comments. I would like to see everyone grow, every product or service has a market, whether it be a large or small market, a market exist. I will provide feedback to help Founders grow but also to motivate them as I have been doing over the last few weeks.

I can sometimes feel the despair or demotivation from some of the progress reports, and I see it as my responsibility as the person reviewing it to tell you do not lose faith, you've got this, and i do provide a lot of marketing guidance as it is my field.

I am doing my best, sometimes I cry because i know what struggle is all about. I sell water lilies and lotus to make Ourlime reality, to continue development. Why am I doing this? because i want to make the world a safer place. Being unfair to you will inevitably defeat the purpose of my project.

cesccanet · 5d ago

I feel you, bro! The same feelings have crossed my mind and I think you are being very brave expressing things in public that many of us might think but are too afraid to say.

Are we competitors? Are we supposed to help each other? How should we give feedback to a terrible project which has no future, no possible redemption by any stretch of the imagination?

I see it as my own ethical (too strong of a word perhaps?) obligation to be honest about other people's projects, but most importantly try to put myself in the other person’s shoes and understand what is the right choice of words that can help that project or that person grow. Yes we have to be honest, but how do you instill change in the other person? That’s not an easy task. This is similar to being a high school teacher in a school full of rebelious teenagers. It’s not about pleasing kids, it’s not about destroying the self steem of the student, it’s about being effective and looking after the best interest of the student.

The spectrum of projects at Pioneer spans from the very promising to the very terrible. But then again when I think the project I’m reviewing is not so great I think: what if it’s just me that is unable to see the benefits of it? It takes a spine of steel sometimes not to be judgmental.

People are here for different reasons. Some are here to grow and think that $20K will not change their startup destiny by so much, so it’s not worth losing the temper. Others are here for the feedback. For other people this money can be a life-changing opportunity. Some of us are young, some of us are old, some of us are rich and some of us are poor, educated or uneducated…

I feel that too when I read other people’s feedback about my own project too. I have always received positive messages and then I think: what if they are being hypocritical? Maybe they think my project is terrible, and that’s OK. What if my project is crap, am I ready to accept it?

You need to have a thick skin to be an entrepreneur, and understand that this is not a popularity contest. If you try to please everyone you will end up hating yourself.

Good luck you all pioneers!

rishikowlessar · 5d ago

I feel you're inside my head lol, we do share the same views. If i should be punished here it should be for my honesty and openness. That i shall not sacrifice for anything. I am doing everything in my power to make "pioneer" work for me in every aspect. So far it has done well by motivating me to work harder and increase my sacrifices. I am depressed most times, though it has not pause my persistence, i could really do with an investor. Now that would make my life so much easier. Thank you for your comment though, I'm glad I'm not alone on this.

cesccanet · 5d ago

That should be the whole point of the feedback exercise, I think. You should be willing to pay attention to the feedback and accept it, or be willing to accept that your project is not so good and maybe it's time to move on. The end goal should be to improve your product or your service or take you to your next personal goal as soon as possible if your business was not a good idea on the first place. This is not about trying to choose the right strategy or words in order to earn points and reach the top. That may give you a temporary boost of stamina, but it's just lying to onself and it won't make your business any better. Having said that, I think it's well designed, specially the part where you have to choose Project A and Project B and say which one shows the greatest progress. Wisdom of the crowds...

manojranaweera · 20d ago

It's a dog eating dog world out there!

If you want to be nice to everyone, in my opinion, you won't progress far in life. You need to take a balanced approach.

Saying more NOs than YES is a starting point - this helps you to remain focused.

We all have to do what we have to do to stay live - survival is the No 1 game. Once you have a method of survival, then you can start to take care of other options including building your tech startup.

All the best
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rishikowlessar · 20d ago

interesting feedback, we agree to disagree, but being nice isnt the issue, being fair and objective is my version of a balanced approach, I've come along way and gained major ground without being arrogant towards the views or progress of others. i've got one life to live, and as i would tell anyone, live each day as though its your LAST. Thanks for your comment.

MNM · 20d ago

I agree with you @rishikowlessar. It doesn't matter about scores. It's about the journey. If you approach this competition from a lack mentality then that's exactly what you'll manifest. Stay true to what you feel is right and always be kind. You never know what another person is going thru in their personal lives. I don't believe in feeding into negative energies, so if this is what you feel you've come across, recognize it, but then let it go. What you put your focus and energy into is what will grow - whether that is negative or positive. Take what you want from the feedback and toss the rest.

rishikowlessar · 19d ago

My point exactly, I've struggled to reach this far in my life, but i remained true to myself. Being on Pioneer has taught me many valuable lessons, so despite how Founders may treat this platform, I treat it as a platform for learning. If i can help someone i certainly will, its all part of the growth process and it makes for great leaders, and that is what i would like to be someday.

manojranaweera · 20d ago

Party every night! Wow!

Reminds me of a kid I helped at the start of his founder journey. He just got in touch

rishikowlessar · 20d ago

Party like its your last lolll......i'll check out the links for sure