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You often send emails to lots of people where the replies ("yes I can make it!") are collected into a spreadsheet. With our service, you can simply CC and have the replies collected into a Google Sheet. It's frictionless to get started. No sign-up is required to create the sheet.

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michalsmialko · 854d ago

like that

braddwyer · 854d ago

Cool idea, how does it decide which sheet? And whose account?

parzival-427448 · 854d ago

I can see this being great for teams that don't want to give edit access to everyone, but still want people having the ability to send edits to a spreadsheet.

nell-182215 · 854d ago

Oh yeah this is definitely a use case for many folks

aadillpickles · 854d ago

didn't finish in time, it's 90% there but getting an annoying TypeError when accessing the dict right now

We'll be working on it past the deadline so email either me or Aryan about it if you're interested + want to try it out

aadillpickles · 854d ago

finished a python script to pull all the relevant data to put into a google sheet