's progress update - May 8th, 2021
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What are you building, in a sentence?

GreatAlbum helps you catalog & auto organize your photos/videos to share and relive experiences with family & friends

What are your KPIs?
Pitch to founders/investors/incubators in March-May
Goal: 25 by May 31st
Current: 26 (Last week: 23)
1000 google photos imported via API
Goal: 1,000 by May 31st
Current: 409 (Last week: 276)
Beta users + waiting list members
Goal: 100 by May 31st
Current: 155 (Last week: 77)

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

Beta5 Sprint 75% done redesign implemented
Interview new DevOps & UI/UX candidates
v2 of demo video
Pitch revised pitch/business plan to 3 founders
1-2 Blog posts

Beta5 Sprint 75% done
Reposted JD for DevOps role; gathering more candidates
Excellent session with design agency who will redo our UI everywhere!
Demo videos pt1 & pt2 (see links below)
Pitched to 3 founders/investors
Journal & KPIs

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

Beta5 Sprint 100% done
Onboard UI designer; implement new landing page
Interview new DevOps candidate
Demo video v3
More detailed business plan
1-2 Blog posts

What would you like feedback on from the community? landing page demo video pt1 demo video pt2

Project website

Drizzyem · 504d ago

Landing page,slide 2..PERFECT!
Explainer videos are great too, reduce your scrolling speed, makes it i=harder to follow. · 504d ago

Wow, congrats on more than doubling your beta users! Great work!

danielfergu · 504d ago

Great progress, +78 new users and waitlist members in a week, that's great

I think the link for the pitch is broken? It wasn't working for me at least.

New website is looking good

Good luck this week!

Gifafo · 504d ago

Your project website needs much work, what is the problem with it that makes it not open properly. Good progress though

ecooffice · 504d ago

Interesting project idea, it's like bringing family albums and photobooks online. Surprised no one's done it yet, but all the power to you for building it. The aesthetics on your landing page are alright. I watched your demo video and the aesthetics on the platform itself are not great - I think this will make or break your product. Perhaps find someone with good visual design skills and this can take off! · 504d ago

The new landing page design looks really good! I suggest making the main title more concise like 'Organize and catalog your photos'. Also, hows this different from doing this on Facebook? I suggest making the differentiation more clear. Your vide update is awesome. Best of luck!

TensorCell · 504d ago

An interesting idea. However, maybe you can explain how you are better than Google Photos? · 504d ago

This sounds incredible and very useful personally as our mother & grandma just deleted facebook but still would like shared photo albums with our larger family. What's the value add of this over google photos or a share icloud album?

Best of luck and one advice on the landing page which Im sure you'll do is fill it with actual testimonials/blog links.

Keep up the great work!

Unimoon · 504d ago

Nice project, nice progression. So much to wait from it is not working · 504d ago

The spinning fractal graphic on the landing page made me dizzy. Typo: "improt"

There are niche apps in the parenting space for sharing moments with family that may be good to look at for inspiration. Tinybeans is a popular one. They have been able to overcome the network effects of FB; not an easy feat!

The demo video should grab your attention & get to the point quicker.

Pitch deck link was broken unfortunately.

Yuroom · 504d ago

Hi, I really like your idea and it is amazing. I had trouble to see you landing page though