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Project description:
Hi guys, we are an Austrian based team and we are working on a delivery network to provide same day delivery for grocery stores and local shops in cities.
Kind of like Uber Eats but for shops.
We are still looking for developers and especially marketers in the US , as we want to offer our service for free in New York during the COVID-19 pandemic, which would be great for people to stay at home and still get things from the real world.
Interested in a collaboration? Just search for "Koray Koska" (that's me ;)) in the Slack channel #find-a-teammate and drop me a message :)

Team members:
Koray Koska
Florian Winkler
Ben Koska

Git repo:

krthr · 854d ago

Why does your repository have commits from 11 days ago? :(

spock-961363 · 854d ago

So you mean like instacart?

geekysrm · 854d ago

Looks it will help local restuarants,. All the best!