Any investors or Pioneer experts lurking?
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We'd love to get some feedback on our early stage deck.

We're leaning towards V2 but would appreciate any comments.

V1 -

V2 -

manojranaweera · 106d ago

1. Team: who are these people? Where have they worked before? May be you can show few brand icons. Only add the team to the front of the deck, if team have impressive track records.
2. Business model - no pricing details
3. GTM - how many would convert from Facebook to App and then what % to paid subscription. What's the CAC of new users. And the LTV
4. Capital slide - weak

Prefer V2 but team to appear towards the end.

I think I am still Google No 1 (at least in UK) for Pre-Seed Pitch Deck (please do a search and love to know the position).

How much are you raising? That's missing. How many more rounds would you need for profitability? · 106d ago

Great feedback, thanks.

You're ranked #3 in Australia BTW. Nice job.

manojranaweera · 106d ago

Thanks Andrew.

manojranaweera · 106d ago

Tried to guess your email and send a reply but it bounced. I am at