Lets connect on CLUBHOUSE
Shared by jermainevanryck · 27d ago · 20 comments

I would like to talk to the founders on clubhouse if you are free!!

DesignForHappiness · 10d ago

Pioneer get together next week on Clubhouse. For those keen: https://www.joinclubhouse.com/event/xp9pVjLK :)

manojranaweera · 11d ago

We now run a regular show on 12 pm GMT Monday - a discussion with founders who have raised in 2021.

Here's yesterday's event https://www.deallite.uk/events/uk-tech-investment-round-up-episode-2/

dashanikolaeva · 16d ago


hmm -- we should have a clubhouse room for pioneer :) have one invite if someone needs it

jameelmatin · 21d ago

Is it too late to join? I'm @cutiepatoottie

johnking · 25d ago

I'm on just let me know what the room or clubs called

jermainevanryck · 22d ago

follow me I will ping you ( jermainevanryck )

done / @DotDotJames

lunarjobs.co · 26d ago

Did you start a Pioneer club?

jermainevanryck · 22d ago

We should !!

sonerhaci · 26d ago

Need an invite :)

jaymatthews · 26d ago

Hey, new person here, what is clubhouse?

DesignForHappiness · 26d ago

Elon Musk is coming on later!

OP you might also enjoy https://humansonclubhouse.com/ for getting 1 on 1 Clubhouse matches

jermainevanryck · 26d ago

I like this idea .. is it yours ?

GrowthChannel.io · 26d ago

Great idea! @maryna_b

jermainevanryck · 26d ago

following I am jermainevanryck

amaljolly · 27d ago


jermainevanryck · 26d ago

following I am jermainevanryck

manojranaweera · 27d ago

We did!

jermainevanryck · 26d ago

Perfect !