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Project Description:
A video chat add-in that detects when a participant touches their face with their hands and issues a warning. Can be used to dissuade bad face-touching habits or used to assign tasks to the last person to touch their nose during group meetings.

Team members:
Sarp Üner
Yao Shengjie

worldwidekatie · 815d ago

That seems like a reasonable idea. I touch my face a lot unconsciously which is bad but I might also get annoyed at always being called out in front of coworkers or classmates.

lemontree · 815d ago

Thanks for the feedback! As much as peer pressure is effective in help curb bad habits it can be a little too much at times. We will take your feedback into consideration and adjust accordingly.

bilbo-baggins-899032 · 814d ago

Nice one.

imbue · 814d ago

Hahaha would be cool if there was some sort of penalty where they can’t talk or something like this if they touch their face

nell-919336 · 814d ago

The idea seems very cool but I don't see a demo

nell-633724 · 814d ago

Great! I am badly in need of such kind. I keep touching my face unconsciously. Thanks.

amiya-98 · 814d ago

Sounds funny. But the idea is good.

worldwidekatie · 814d ago

I like this idea but wish you would've included a demo video.

AyoAlfonso · 814d ago

I think this is a novel one and it will be very useful for everyday life especially in this trying times.

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