2 Years of Pioneer: 40 Countries and Counting
Shared by rishi · 36d ago · 6 comments

Thank you all for making Pioneer what it is!

And thank you to Daniel and the Pioneer team for creating an environment for us to flourish. Time to add Australia to the list though :)

AndyDent-Touchgram · 34d ago

Yup, damn those Kiwis for out-startuping us again!

manojranaweera · 36d ago

Anyone else here from Manchester, UK? In my case, I'm only building a product and not a company - so quite different. However, I am setting up https://skilledup.life so I can be spun out as a separate company one day.

I've also brought one of our companies (https://techcelerate.ventures/members) here, as they are free to roam and learn from wherever they can.

visionary · 32d ago

Feel like the game is just starting, haha.

MarketMetrics.io · 35d ago

Happy to have been a part of the community for much of that time. You made it what it is Rishi. It's been inspiring to see you guys iterate and experiment on so many new features. Good luck in year 3!

davidcrombie · 35d ago

Just a great feedback experience just like to see more hardware solutions.